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  3. New Profile Song - Brand New - Jesus Christ 🎶

  4. can you look at my unban request please


    1. Christian



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  6. Just imagine being dumb enough to manually hyperlink the first letter of your post to porn and being surprised when you get banned.

    1. Jam


      I don't get how it can be accidental smh

    2. IAwesomeNathan


      I'll do it

    3. d1 King Leo

      d1 King Leo

      happens to me daily tbh

  7. I have gotten tired of seeing people just post straight up imgur links in trading advertisements and such forcing everyone to click on 30 different links to find all the pictures. So here is a little guide on the seven simple steps to imbedding an image (particularly from imgur). 1. Click "Browse" to open the file viewer 2. Upload selected picture(s) 3. Copy the sharing link 4. Click "Insert other media" 5. Click "insert image from URL" 6. Paste sharing link and append '.jpg' to the end. Click Insert. (Moat forums requires a url with a file extension to imbed it, Imgur makes this quite simple) 7. Enjoy your embedded images And for all the lazy people, a short video. Another option once the sharing link has been obtained is to enclose it in the bbcode image tags [.img][./img] (without periods) with .jpg at the end as such
  8. My kids are all cute. Thank you all <3

  9. New profile song: Lil Uzi Vert, Juice WRLD - Wasted 🔥 🔥 🔥

  10. Last week
  11. I fucked up and missed my 200th post, but...

    Woooo 202nd post lads 😄

    Now I do have something I wanted to say for it, kind of

    I'm grateful for the people I met here, you honestly were kind of a safe haven when I went through that emo phase that everyone goes through, I can recap multiple times where I felt shit, came on, and left smiling. 

    Thats what I'm grateful for, and recently as I have somewhat left that emo phase, I wanted to say also (if you'll accept it as not trying to curry favour) sorry for causing drama. Just in general, when I was banned from the discord I was toxic to you about your banning reason @crossboy, but I can now see I was dumb. I dont need to play to feel good anymore, I was scared I wouldnt be able to (which is partly the reason I was always so dramatic) but I managed, and now I dont mind that I'm banned.  *Well awarethat most of you will think this is dumb but I wanted to put it somewhere, main thing is that I'm grateful. 

    If you wanna spread some dumb memes with me in a discord, join eaglecorns discord. I can be nice to you there. 

    Also, when I was first banned for that attempted rdm thing @MisterWhywas such a godamned unit. I posted that "@ staff I rdmed 2 ban me" and next thing I know I get a dm from a random staff member "What the hell did you do that for". It was like he was disappointed in me, like he expected better of me. And that really raised my self esteem tons.I broke down when the ban was updated and spilled to him and since then, we've been best of friends. I also happen to know that me and him had to help one of our friends who felt really bad and I just feel this guy needs a shoutout for how much he cares about the people themselves, hang onto this man.

    I love ya all, thanks for taking me in this October. Long story needs a long closure 😉


    1. fire.


      Read first 7 lines if you dont want my over talking 😉

    2. MisterWhy


      Goes great with your profile song :).

      Also thanks for everything you said about me. Idc if you're banned you're still a chill dude in my eyes.

      It only gets better from here.

    3. fire.


      Honestly I'd completely forgotten about the profile song Haha, I'm going to change it sometime to represent the end of that emo phase. Probs a specific neffex song (in general  a badish artist but cherrypickimg will work 😉)

      Theres so much more that could be said about this community but honestly it is 3am and it would like a potato wrote it  😉 . Maybe when  I update my profile song I'll add the people I missed (I wont go into specifics of each person but there are certainly personalised groups to be all lovely dovey about 😛

  12. Footsie's aka the best community lead ever aka sexy boi

    Thanks @Mr.Goose3 for finding this old screenshot that someone must've taken ♡



    side note: does that mean Leo got dominated by footsie here? Hm.

    1. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      You're like the class clown who has to sit in the hallway and can't come in the classroom, that is if you didn't try so hard.

  13. so in regards to my unban request, I never said anything about d12 saying that it wasn't ghosting i said OTHER STAFF MEMBERS. I dont know if that guy is too retarded to read but idk

  14. change profile song right now >:C

  15. New profile banner courtesy of @WettSpaghet


    New profile song being considered, will be released on Friday. HMU if you have suggestions.

    1. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      I think you may have done something wrong because that looks more pixelated than Lara Croft's pyramid tits

    2. WettSpaghet


      It looked fine when I sent it to him so wtf did you do wrong Pyric lmao

    3. Pyric


      fixed, discord is cancer for image compression

  16. Pyric you upheld my perma ban is it alright to ask you why?


    1. Pyric


      Because it was a rightful ban? we have evidence logs showing you killing 2 players and damaging a third across various rounds without any cause.

  17. your banner triggers my dormant epilepsy 

  18. @WettSpaghet  just made me a dope forum banner, The Crummy Cradle Bread Factory will live on.  🍞

  19. Alright since I can't reply to you on the post ill do so here. You said that I failed to mention that I killed two t's at the beginning of the round. I did no such thing that's why I didn't mention it. I only killed two people Peepee and  JodiHusky. I explained this in my complaint against JodiHusky. Also, Peepee was an innocent and Jodi was the t. Show me proof that I killed two t's at the beginning of the round.

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    2. WettSpaghet


      First of all, I'm a female (clearly, see picture) and I am just stating that this won't get on Pyric's good side. I am also in a call with him and I wouldn't keep on going if I were you. 

    3. WettSpaghet


      continuing to harass him on his profile will lead to a ban 

    4. Crusty Moist

      Crusty Moist

      Hey, lil VIP here, a trial staff is still a higher rank than you, and thus qualified to deal with people like you.
      and is still staff, which means they have authority over you, so just keep that in mind.

  20. hey so if I did a daily and I didn't get the ic for it, am I shit outta luck or can I get helped out

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    2. Samuel


      sol tbh, and im doing great, hbu? 😮

    3. Pyric


      I'm good, wby.

      Also, you're kinda shit outta luck. Part of the problem is its hard/impossible to get all the evidence we'd need to comp a daily. We've found in the past that almost every bounty comp ticket, the player either didn't complete the daily yet, completed it earlier without realizing it, or got the rewards and didn't realize it.

    4. Cereal_


      Thanks for the explanation my man, I wasn't sure how things were you know?

  21. "I have ugly hands. They got wrinkles everywhere" - Jam

    "Then chop them off"


  22. New profile song: Maxo Kream - Out The Door (ft. KEY!)

  23. creds to @WettSpaghet for my amazing fucking banner, best shit thats ever been made in history

    1. WettSpaghet


      I'm glad you like it! 😊

  24. @Jam I was looking through the player feedback archive and you use a cat picture in almost every single reply, why.

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    2. Twitch - Sgthalter | moat.gg

      Twitch - Sgthalter | moat.gg

      So do I honestly

      wait let me see if I can get a pic with me and my cat


    3. Twitch - Sgthalter | moat.gg

      Twitch - Sgthalter | moat.gg

      here are 3 pictures of my cat and 1 of my face


      Ok, could find the one of my face.








    4. Jam


      How old are you? 0.0

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