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  3. yep this is life can someone help me make this to my profile cover 


    1. Joker cards of 0 🃏

      Joker cards of 0 🃏


      thanks to milky<3


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  5. i never called someone retard ever


    and the other word you said

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  7. um i got banned for no reason i went afk for about 2 hours then i got kicked bec im afk right no but i did not play until like 4 days or lower then when i went to a sever it said BANNED for 1 week - reason hatefull content - 1st offense so idk what happed just telling you guys


  8. Hey @Sparked he didnt votekick me for ghosting? he just thought me and another young kid where friends and where purp rdming when i killed one guy for a false kos just letting you know



    (this is just the SOSIG  False Votekick)

  9. Examples of complementary words:

    Ketchup - Mustard

    Macaroni - Cheese

    You - Gay

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    2. Methelin
    3. JMD Bᵣᵤₕ

      JMD Bᵣᵤₕ

      yooo thats where hookers come from 

    4. Methelin


      And who else Cannabis Corpse is? ;)

  10. Yoda, I am.

    1. JMD Bᵣᵤₕ

      JMD Bᵣᵤₕ

      🛵 die in a motor accident i must

    2. Dillon


      Ah yes, strung out am I,” he told Wunderground earlier. “For many years, done Ketamine has Yoda. Forty years ago, a normal man Yoda was, six foot tall and normal colour skin had he. Then, one day, sniffed a fiesty one, did I. Forty years later, a green midget ketamine addict am I.

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  12. I can't believe you've done this!

  13. ye so basically

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    2. Dillon


      bruuuuuh why

    3. BananaBoi


      ye so basically

    4. JMD Bᵣᵤₕ

      JMD Bᵣᵤₕ

      said i posted " gore, animal crulity or something with the intent to shock someone" so pretty cool


  14. image.png.fb62ee828b58288fe8c44e564024e8dc.png

    your wall is mine now, also 500th post 🥕 🐡

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    2. AUTOFAGG BlyatMan

      AUTOFAGG BlyatMan

      Hey lmk, when we can talk my discord, is BlackAndWhite#3066 It has to do w/ scamming but he's already been banned. I just wanna know if i can get the ic for the item... It was my first cosmic and he said he'd buy it for 200k but pay me on Sunday (Last Sunday)


    3. Dillon


      uhhh you dont get compensation for that kinda stuff usually not gonna lie

    4. AUTOFAGG BlyatMan

      AUTOFAGG BlyatMan

      Dillon so what do i do? I just lost my one and only cosmic and fuck i only have 1 highend atm???


  15. this is really to use full because i still don't know what im doing with binds. almost 900 hours and im still lost.
  16. I am aware of those, but i do not like them or support their usage, since those kos's, sus's or im with's do not show up in the logs.
  17. Also if you do "Bind w Quit" you can make it so when you press w you game closses xD
  18. ебать вас кожаный человек

  19. Steals all your money


  20. I am god.

    1. Leš kanabisa

      Leš kanabisa

      yes god bless us with your wisdom

    2. Dillon

    1. JMD Bᵣᵤₕ

      JMD Bᵣᵤₕ

      the servers are more relaxed, its nice (and you should be unbanned if you didn't know).

    2. Viemärirotta


      that's a true statement not gonna lie @Dillon

    3. Nos_AE


      Thanks ma boiz 


  22. uploaded my old profile song for nostalgia

  23. welcome back to the staff team!! ❤️

  24. Dillon is a gae guy who hasn't updated his backgroud and he is a rdmer he rdmd me a lot and still does not have a scarf and i'm saying this from my alt not main

    1. Dillon


      thats a very true statement

      i lost the .psd pepega

    2. CrustyTheMoist


      dillon is ape

    3. Viemärirotta
  25. Welcome back mang


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