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  3. Stalkers Stalkers Stalkers Some Say Stalkers Are Bad But honestly I Really Don't Mind Stalkers It Really Does show That you worry about me.that you care for me.that You Really want to know me and understand me.You watch over me to see how i'm doing if i'm safe .Like a guardian angel Well All i can say is .Thank you.For Being My Stalker.It's always Nice to know someone is watching me and by my side .

  4. i hit 100 rep 



    am i cool yet

    1. seuss


      You gonna do a giveaway?

  5. aweee duuuude!!!! i fukken love the bebop, vary cuul song ❤️

    1. Bigginz Maximus

      Bigginz Maximus

      the ending always makes me cri like a grown man.

    2. Samuel


      no u ❤️

  6. Is there any way to get unbanned for attempted ban evasion or is it a waste of time to apply?

    1. Jam


      Keep Applying 👍

  7. @Hollow Love you mom

    1. symptomS



  8. hey man! can you lick me toes?

    1. Bot Slayah

      Bot Slayah

      no randy too qt pi 4 u

    2. Randy805™


      Better not catch either of you in the streets, I'll figure 4 cock lock and then elbow drop your fucking toes.

  9. Hi im symptoms, im toxic but only when little kids like to fight and argue about stupid stuff. Plz forgive i try to be nice 🙂

  10. Yesterday
  11. Hey, Thanks for responding my story is true and very accurate and I understand that its a hard job for moderators and admins to get proof. I just want to thank you for at least viewing to my ban appeal and replying. Thank you so much and im sorry for ruining people's rounds. Thank you.

    1. Jam



      I'm glad you understand ❤️

  12. Gotta throw it back to one of the goats, Big Pun. R.I.P 2/7/2000.

  13. can we just remove this im tired of looking at peoples DMs

  14. Hey, I lost 100k Ic bcs of a bug on the second of January, Jam told me on the 3rd January that it is Approved, I want to ask you if you are able to give me back the IC.

    I am not sure if you are the right person to contact tho 😕



  15. Last week
  16. Stay off my profile you gay scammer

  17. Always Do you Best to Keep Calm even if the worst Happens just Clsoe your Eyes..Say " i won't give up . i won't give in.You will Never Bring me Down. Then Open your eyes and Smile.thinks of every good happy funny thing that ever happen,And Never Let sadness get to you.

  18. Not again bois 

    not again.PNG

  19. New Profile Song! ❤️

    1. yraidnecnI


      awww i miss the old one.  I used to have it playing in the background behind Garry's Mod.

  20. Check out my new banner design inspired by the work of @Avenge

  21. you stole seuss' profile song boy

    1. IAwesomeNathan


      No I didnt you gay this video has like 250 million views on YouTube 

  22. What is metagaming? 

    1. Samuel


      In your case, letting someone shoot you and then healing is metagaming and is against the rules

    2. Crusty Moist

      Crusty Moist

      Metagaming is playing the game the way it wasnt supposed to be played basically.
      Examples of this are: Asking someone to shoot you so you can heal do to a bounty, damaging yourself so you can heal to do a bounty, purposefully teaming up or ignoring confirmed t's so they can win.


  23. why you always say no to my requests it was all a misunderstanding please jam i am sorry for what i said on discord




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    2. Anew_Yo


      i would be okay if my inventory gets wiped if i get unbanned


    3. Anew_Yo


      jam i was told you give second chances so jam please just one second chance is all i am asking


    4. Jam



      Also stop spamming me please.

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