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  3. dude how can i give my gift to the secret santa bot? I said how can i give my gift to the Jam but she is not answering my questions

    1. CannibalNaziSpider


      You have to wait until its ingame @YASTIK, It will have the Community lead role, so you know its legit. You trade your item to that account. Easiest way to tell the account is online is add it as a friend.

    2. Jam


      Probably cause Jam is sleeping. You should probably be patient instead of spamming her.

  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi Jam, I can see you're handling quite many ban cases.

    I am obviously not real Tai Lopez but I have supported your community/server with my 20$ and I understand you have certain rules to keep this community in order but I'd like to ask for one last chance. Here is the proof :

    "If I  RDM anyone from now on, i shall be banned permanently" - Tai Lopez

    I am serious

    1. Jam


      You should have thought that on your fourth offense 

    2. Tai Lopez

      Tai Lopez

      You're taking this game way too seriously

  6. You need music ❤️

    1. Psymon703
    2. festively fire

      festively fire

      Workin' on it ❤️

      Want to find a song that represents me not a meme ^^ (aka guitar acoustic shite)

      Make yours' spooky scary skeletons ay

    3. MisterWhy
  7. Remind me not to join a server while viewing your profile and singing along.

  8. new profile song😤 

    germ - bodybag

  9. Whatcha kids know bout young Marky Mark?

  10. Last week
  11. get me psn cards for christmas and ill love u forever

  12. Is there any chance that we could talk?

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    2. Zero
    3. derekb406


      as in a yes that I have a chance to get unbanned? Or yes that there is no chance for me to get unbanned.

    4. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      You have a chance to make another appeal a week after the denial is what it means, but that doesn't guarantee that the next appeal or even one after that could get you unbanned, so putting in effort to each one is important if you're serious about being unbanned. Should also mention that honesty goes a long way in appeals.

  13. We going back to that 2015 Ski and X 

  14. I would just like to say that I was exploring the ban section of steam and the appeal section, and I must have clicked something because I had two appeals. As far as I know, that was impossible, a week before posting another according to the rules. I wasn't trying to post two appeals, and I tried to delete it. When that didn't work, I commented that it was a mistake in case any admins looked at it. I am deeply sorry. I mean no offense.

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    2. Jam


      Rules says not to talk about your Appeal 

    3. derekb406


      I'm sorry I didn't know about you being at work

    4. Phillip
  15. Sorry to ever interrupt on what you were doing. But I need a favor. I accidentally bought IC with my support credits thinking that I was going to get more support credits. If you can, may you please turn the unspent, accidentally bought, IC back into support credits?


  16. 666 Profile Views 😮

    1. festively fire

      festively fire

      1)love the profile song

      2) You're a sk(m)elly boi not a devil desist

    2. Jam


      Liar >:0





    3. MisterWhy
  17. Hungry as fuck, gunna see the new FBWFT tomorrow.

  18. please read the reply I sent to you... Its an explaination but its "needing to be approved  by mods"

  19. i donated 5$ to you on twitch please help me with my problem now

    (im hastestwitch)

    1. Françoise Appledelhi
    2. Jam


      thanks for the sub but stop bribing staff

    3. KermitTHEfrog moat.gg

      KermitTHEfrog moat.gg

      XD when do you stream I might join  

  20. could you please check my whole paragraph I updated it so that you could see what happened please help man

  21. Hey I had a question about something could you help?

  22. Hey bois just fixed my profile a tit ❤️


  23. In regards to my now archived post complaint. I get theres no way to view the death scene but the fact the dude didnt report me as hes known for T baiting and then the slaying of myself. Does that no raise any alarm bells with their skills as staff?

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    2. Byzan


      It isnt just hear say. I posted evidence. The victim in relation is a now banned known troublemaker. They took poor action and didnt respond which is posted in screenshots which are solid proof. I dont even see how this is up for debate seeming as the deathscreen does not even matter now as the person who was T baiting is banned and has been slain numerous times for t baiting or kicked for mic spam.

    3. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      The fact that you believe someone should be punished for something without evidence just because they have done it before and are "known for it" shows you don't understand that punishment goes by a case by case basis. Without any physical evidence or proof of them doing it AGAIN or in general, nothing will happen, and that is fair. Punishing someone without any evidence is unfair to the person being punished.

    4. Crusty Moist

      Crusty Moist

      Your "evidence" is just you talking about the situation. Anyone can talk about what happened, even if they are wrong, and post is as evidence. The fact that there was no proof showing that you were indeed shot at, and that Momo falsely slayed you, means that it is a he say/she say situation. 

      It all goes back to the fact you could have still easily been lying to get a staff punished, as there is no proof that Momo was in the wrong, just you saying that they were in the wrong. That is not solid proof, and it never will be.
      "The deathscreen does not even matter now as the person who was T baiting is banned and has been slain numerous times for t baiting or kicked for mic spam" just because they did it before, doesn't mean they did it actually did it when you put up that complaint. 

      If you did something in the past and got punished for it, does that mean if someone accuses you of doing that exact same thing without any proof, that you should get punished for it? Would you think it would be fair if you got punished, even if you didnt do it, because the accuser said so without proper evidence?

  24. Dear, Motato

    Could you donate a Green gun or a Yellow gun. It would be my first.




  25. Earlier
  26. You have a werid profile song also are you gay ? not to be rude.

    1. gae


      yea he is with me


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