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  3. What has this place come to?

  4. Yesterday
  5. wife made tuna casserole again today, so I slammed her head into the oven :^) !!!!

  6. Last week
  7. I miss my friends 😢 Idk where everyone went.

  8. Wow... you had a lot to sell... 😏

  9. Also thanks to @Methelin for the spicy addition to my banner 😉 

  10. Earlier
  11. Welp, its Halloween again. And ima be changing my skeleton song once again 😉 

  12. Decent Lad, Hopefully he will get moderator. Nice to see him active on the server 🙂

  13. Slight refreshment of profile pic, background and song.

    Still the same waifu on the avatar, just more... "crazy". 😘

  14. This account will self destruct in T minus, 12...



  15. I made you guys a peace rope!!! 😍  image.thumb.png.ec3a9a94a6551232460c89e05ce469cb.png


    also we must gather together and eliminate furries and weeaboos from society 

  16. Second time getting banned from the discord asking the owner to get help so he can properly run the community with a clear state of mind 🙄

    1. Dillon


      damn. it be that way

    2. CrustyTheMoist


      Hasnt worked before, probably won't work now.

  17. could you help me it says im banned forever now instead of a week and idk why  


  18. Attention: will the owner of a red 2005 Honda Civic please come repark their car, it will be towed if it is not moved.

  19. Moat when he breaks discord tos and gets banned again

    1. Dillon


      For about 10-20 seconds, then he just makes another account lol 

  20. Loving new Prof Song, lemme know if you recognize it in the first few seconds

  21. The time will be soon, brothers and sisters. The day we have all been waiting for, the day of redemption.

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