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    Hello so first off, im a player with over 25 days of playtime on moat and over 3500h in garrysmod, since ive gotten staff on moat ive realised alot of players dont know how to bind in garrysmod/ttt/moat. So i decided to write this so people can just be directed here if they need help with binds. 1. Using the F1 menu! The default binds such as "wildmonkei is a traitor!" "wildmonkei is innocent" "Yes" "No". Can easily be bound using the menu accesible by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard, usually located just above the keys 1 and 2. You might have to hold down the FN (function key) on your keyboard for this to work, depends on what keyboard/what setting u have on it. This menu is good if you simply want binds that can be used for gameplay. 2. How to enable and use the console! Before you get to binding your fancy new custom messages together with your callouts you need to enable the developer console, here is how: 2.1. Boot up Gmod and open settings. 2.2. Your press advanced. 2.3. You enable "developer console" by clicking the box on the new advanced window that has popped up. 2.4. You select a keybind for the console at the bottom of the "keyboard" section of the options window. Simple click on "toggle developer console" and hit you bind and it will show up, mine is bound to / which on my keyboard layout corresponds to ½ or §. ( i have heard its usually the ~, its located on the left of 1 and above tab. 3. Using the console to bind. 3.1 Basics So a few basics on the console, u open it with the previous set keybind and type the command u want to run, you do not need to put anything before the command and this is not a chat. DO NOT RUN COMMANDS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. You can by using the console unbind all your buttons and close the game. 3.2 What are the keyboard buttons called. Here is a picture that shows what u put in console as the key you want to use for u fresh new bind: DISCLAIMER, if your keyboard has special macro keys or if you use a diffrent keyboard layout, above image may not be correct. For macro keys i would recommend rebinding them to any of the numpad keys inorder for them to work properly while binding in gmod. If you at any point make a mistake with a bind you can simply use the command unbind t this will unbind all commands from the key T, please beware though as this command can be used to get rid of keybinds made in the options of gmod aswell as getting rid of all your binds if used incorrectly. The commands we will be using in this guide is mainly "Bind", "TTT_radio" and "say" Bind, the command used to assign a key to a console function(command) ttt_radio, the command that the TTT gamemode uses. say, this is a command that tells the console to send what is put after it into chat. 3.3 How to bind: If you want to make your key for "wildmonkei is a traitor" also include a custom chat message such as "KOS KOS KOS!" in order for it to be more easy to notice in chat. You simply run the command: Bind T "ttt_radio traitor ; Say KOS KOS KOS!!!" I will break this command down in order for you to be able to elaborate on this. bind, see above. T, is the key i want to bind this command to- The " ", opens and closes the command ttt_radio traitor, calls out "wildmonkei is a traitor" the ; marks the beginning of a new command you want to run at the same time as the other one. Say, see above. KOS KOS KOS!!! is simply the message you want to display in the chat. 3.4 ttt_radio commands Okay by now you probably understand the basics of binding. i will leave some useful commands specific to ttt here: TTT_radio imwith TTT_radio suspect TTT_radio traitor TTT_radio innocent TTT_radio check Use these in combination with what i showed above to customize messages to go with the binds. 4. Useful moat specific binds. Bind m "say !menu" This bind opens up the moat menu, where u can boost maps, check playtime and if staff do alot of super duper secret staff commands. If you experience any issues u can bind mga_menu1, mga_menu2 or mga_menu3 as console commands, depending on ur screen resoultion, only use 3 if u got 4k monitor. Bind p "inspect" This bind lets you inspect the gun youre holding or if in FIRST PERSON (r while spectating) spectating somone view the stats and talents of that persons gun. Bind k "kill" Simply kills yourself ingame, Bind L "say {loadout}" This displays your currently equipped loadout in chat. Bind v "stopsound" Stops all currently playing sounds, event round music/ambient noise of maps, good if u want to tryhard and figure out where people are walking/shooting. Bind h "ttt_radio imwith ; say ID OR KOS!" A bind to use in order to ask people to id bodies to avoid getting slain if u see somone kill a person and u want them to ID. Bind t "ttt_radio traitor ; say KOS KOS KOS" A simple KOS bind including "wildmonkei is a traitor" Bind b "ttt_radio imwith ; say Stop following/blocking me (warning 1/2/3) A bind to use when you want somone to stop following you. 5. ENDING Please do not hesitate to either reply or send me a message on discord wildmonkei#6919, if there is anything that is unclear or that you need help with or that is wrong/missing from this guide, i will try my best to help you and edit this guide. Happy binding!. TODO: More moat/inv commands such as {slot1}
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    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XC7BRPpUr95KfgLAFv5Ubn33D90h1YkEUKZG37cZW9c/edit?usp=sharing Not everything may be set in concrete as we aren't entirely sure about upper levels. However, based on what has been said up to 30 or so, it follows a pattern of being increased by 175. This will be edited as somebody reaches the upper levels and tell us about it so we can get more info.
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    I cant come back, for a long time was a good run boys, love you all you drove me to insanity xD @Rogers the best @NoFace My best friend @Espio Eclipse @Well Yikes friendship when i needed it @Phantom an amazing person @Reznov @BURNSY @WettSpaghet amazing friends. @Cool Mexican jojo bro @Jam @d1 King Leo taught me that just because you want something doesnt mean you should have it, thank you @GodKing babyboy @Seeder33 great guy. @Megalodon quiet man, kept me in check. @Deep Fried Potato helped me with math, got me thru 9th grade @Zero my father if i didnt mention you, its prolly cause my brain cant remember much right now, im on experimental meds so. I LOVE YOU ALL BE BACK LATER SORRY FOR NOT PAYING MY LOANS
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    Since Emi's version is outdated due to the fact that Emi has stop updating it, Lero, Abstract, and I have taken over a copy of Emi's version and updated it to the best of our ability. Updated Version: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SuaSJszdmGSJ0eQb7-e1LXUbn6d-W7V8QZ_P9SUSvPg/edit?usp=sharing Please read To Do List/Notes on the spreadsheet for more info. If there is a question that hasn't been answered by that section or the spreadsheet itself, feel free to ask. If you want to help out, you can help us provide data (with proof preferably) for the spreadsheet. Otherwise, you'll have to ask Lero.
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    I have gotten tired of seeing people just post straight up imgur links in trading advertisements and such forcing everyone to click on 30 different links to find all the pictures. So here is a little guide on the seven simple steps to imbedding an image (particularly from imgur). 1. Click "Browse" to open the file viewer 2. Upload selected picture(s) 3. Copy the sharing link 4. Click "Insert other media" 5. Click "insert image from URL" 6. Paste sharing link and append '.jpg' to the end. Click Insert. (Moat forums requires a url with a file extension to imbed it, Imgur makes this quite simple) 7. Enjoy your embedded images And for all the lazy people, a short video. Another option once the sharing link has been obtained is to enclose it in the bbcode image tags [.img][./img] (without periods) with .jpg at the end as such
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    Just imagine being dumb enough to manually hyperlink the first letter of your post to porn and being surprised when you get banned.