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  1. New Profile Song! ❤️

    1. yraidnecnI


      awww i miss the old one.  I used to have it playing in the background behind Garry's Mod.

  2. What is metagaming? 

    1. Samuel


      In your case, letting someone shoot you and then healing is metagaming and is against the rules

    2. Crusty Moist

      Crusty Moist

      Metagaming is playing the game the way it wasnt supposed to be played basically.
      Examples of this are: Asking someone to shoot you so you can heal do to a bounty, damaging yourself so you can heal to do a bounty, purposefully teaming up or ignoring confirmed t's so they can win.


  3. why you always say no to my requests it was all a misunderstanding please jam i am sorry for what i said on discord




    1. Jam


      Because it’s your fifth offense and you are being dishonest. I am not going to unban you because you clearly haven’t learned from your previous offenses

  4. hi plz unban me im bored af i swear i wont do it again

  5. Yes, you are correct. I shouldn't get on an alt after being banned and therefore I was punished. I'm appealing not because I feel wrongfully banned, but because of the fact that I have been banned for several months and throughout that time frame have realized my choices at the moment weren't my best. Just trying to play TTT with some friends now and would like to do so on Moat.

    1. Jam


       Keep appealing every week and putting effort into appeals 🙂


    2. Baggins


      Yeah, I was literally saying that the ban wasn't wrongful and that that's not the reason I'm appealing. I just want to play the game. I'm not sure what else I can add to 3 appeals I've made.

  6. 10/10 Best profile music 👌


  7. Hey there Jam. You're one of the most incredible and  hard working staff members we got. 😺

    The community wouldn't be the same without you. Sometimes you might not see it but you do make a difference.

    A lot of people admire you just as much as I do. I really miss the days when we would play TTT together with mages.

    💕 See you in the future twin.

    1. Randy805™


      You guys should fuck.


  8. Hi Eaglecorn! I am your biggest fan! I love your videos and every night, before I go to sleep, I binge watch all your videos. 😊

    My favorite is this one.

    You really showed us another side of you. I watch that one while I shower. 🙂

    Looking forward to another video. ❤️

    ps Seeder thinks you are cute. 😊


    Bye now. I will see you in my dreams.


  9. Someone should constantly remind me to do my giveaway 😮

    1. Randy805™


      Do your giveaway.

    2. Jam
    3. JohnInvictus


      I agree with Randy, do your giveaway. 

  10. Jam can you please send me your discord information so I could message you?*

    1. Samuel


      just pm her on the forums bub

  11. Hai

    why are u doing the ahegao face challenge on ur profile picture



    1. Jam


      I looked it up and it's gross

  12. How would I hack your discord I just wanna talk about my ban





    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jam


      Just pm me here on the forums (:

    3. H2oNinja


      I just wanna know how long I will be banned I just want to get back to playing on the server even if I have to wait a month I just wanna. Play on the server

    4. H2oNinja


      I just wanna know how long I will be banned I just want to get back to playing on the server even if I have to wait a month I just wanna. Play on the server

  13. Bruh actually chill almost at 4k

    1. Jam


      I can’t...stop 

    2. IAwesomeNathan


      I'm worried for your health