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  1. Hello! Got a new jam. Come check it out and let me know what you think of the song. ❤️

    1. Mato Kuroi

      Mato Kuroi

      Nice jam you got there! :3

      me likey..

  2. you are not cool for not unbanning me



    1. Frozen ∞ Broski

      Frozen ∞ Broski

      What? The retired staff member didn't unban? 

    2. Jam


      You're not cool for breaking the rules. 🤷‍♀️

    3. Dillon


      don’t listen to him jam you are very cool 🙂

  3. how can I get chlorine as my profile music(if  this isn't the right way to contact you pls let me know)

    1. Jam



      Click profile music > upload your song

      I use this to convert from YouTube to MP3. https://ytmp3.cc/

      Convert before uploading. 😛

    2. Crimson_SDG


      thank you so much 😁

    3. Crimson_SDG


      They released the music video for the hype 

  4. ok this profile banner better now, u make it urself? also whats the music name?

    1. Jam




  5. New profile song. 😛

    Chill songs are the best kind of music. 

  6. did you resign from headmin?

    *I'd ask in pm's, but i don't know how to pm*

    1. Jam


      About to put up a post actually 😛 

    2. That ain't it, chief
  7. I wrote back to you after you showed me the image and whatever, pls respond to see what you can do for me 


  8. hi, i just wonder if i will be included in the july birthday contest?

  9. can you accept my Uban Request please?🍀

  10. ill be back in a week with an heartfelt essay my love for this server and why i should be unbanned 

  11. Thank you so much for showing me some mercy.

    1. Jam


      Stop. Shitposting.

  12. Hello, I don't want to sound entitled but I think you should leave a comment to the appeal posts instead of just reacting. Cheers!

    1. Jam


      Im oN LoA

    2. Zach.


      then why did you take the time to react anyways omega.

    3. Jam


      Just because I’m on loa doesn’t mean I can’t look at the forums :4Head:

  13. Hey, I was wondering if you could elaborate or your reaction of disagreeing on my post. I would like to see your view on the issue.

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    2. ✪ FrostGeN

      ✪ FrostGeN

      Also would like to add that I only punched him (then ran away) due to it being an extended amount of time and even if I were to warn him (and if were to keep doing it) it would be impossible for me (or anyone else) to do anything as you can't do any dmg through the door (He glitched door so it couldn't be opened anymore while he was standing where he was standing) . Last Question is a punch then running away still counted as Attempted RDM & why does that sometimes go through as a "Trolling" or "Attempt RDM" I've seen it multiple times and it gets treated differently all the time. What parameters would it cause it to go to one way or the other?

    3. Jam


      Doing any damage for no reason is not okay and should be counted as attempted RDM.

      If I were to shoot next to someone to Tbait, it would be trolling.

    4. ✪ FrostGeN

      ✪ FrostGeN

      Alright thanks, sorry for bothering just trying to get a full grasp of the situation. I just can't get my head around how one punch = day ban. But it makes sense altogether.