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  1. i like your styleee ❤️ 🙂 
    your song rocks.

    1. Jam


      YOU rock!!! <3

  2. Wait, seriously that's it? because i made one impaired mistake, you're okay with keeping me permanently banned from all servers? and all the donations and friendships that i've made are no longer accessible? one person in the session actually gave me permission to kill him, its not like i was trolling, i must have pissed off the wrong person with how i responded, i thought everyone was just having fun.

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    2. OneTroJayBro


      there is no learning from it, this isn't a week ban. i'm permanently banned. you say that as if you aren't human and have never made a mistake in your life before mr. moist.

    3. Jam


      You can appeal a week from being denied

    4. Crusty Moist

      Crusty Moist

      There is learning from it. If you do happened to be unbanned, you will know not to do it again, or to not do it on other servers.

  3. I heard this song on tiktok 🤔

    I'm sad they almost ruined it. 

    1. Jam
    2. Jam


      The more important question is What are you doing on tiktok?

    3. That One God

      That One God

      Umm my bestfriend post videos on there, and my gf used to send me videos she liked. 

  4. i need your help i got scammed hard plz help

  5. what kind of jam are you ❤️ i hope its da strawberry flavour lol

  6. ur a dick

  7. Excuse me, but why aren't you even giving him a chance to say he forgive me? Why are you automatically denying it? 


  8. Got a reason for triyng to prevent me to appeal my ban? Seems personal.

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    2. Jam


      Have you not read your past 5 or so appeals? Literally less than 10 words. Waste of time

    3. Thatguyuknow


      Yes, hello. Welcome to the PMs.

    4. The Suess

      The Suess



      this is legitimately just a waste of SA+ time. No effort on something that requires you to prove that you are so changed that you should be the exception to a well founded and fair rule/punishment.


      You put so little effort into them why would they care to remember exactly what happened past the first one they denied? Its a permanent punishment so as long as the validity has been proven. You throwing an impressively low amount of effort that lowers every time you make an appeal... Kind of makes sense when your most recent 4 unban requests consist of a total of: 0 reasons to be unbanned and 12 words total stating why the rules shouldn't apply to you in full.


      Even your first unban request was excuses instead of apologies. Under no circumstances are staff required to unban a completely rightful ban. There are the occasional exceptions made but putting no effort or making excuses will never bear any fruit in that department and somehow losing quality with each unban request just turns it into a waste of time for everyone involved.


      We had this conversation before but I guess it matters for you to understand why people don't want to deal with shitpost unbans.

      Your most "valid" or "effort" filled unban request reads as:
      "I threw a fit"
      "I wanted to quit MG and chose that being a nuisance was the best path"
      "Oh before I mass rdmed I gave people items so that totally matters in my intentional rule breaking case"

  9. can you unban me its been 6 months please.

  10. O damn 6000 posts

    1. Jam


      No life ):

    2. IAwesomeNathan


      Moat is life









      For gays





      Jk love you no homo

  11. Hiunbanmeirjhftmow

    1. Pyric


      mom are you ok?