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  1. I would just like to say that I was exploring the ban section of steam and the appeal section, and I must have clicked something because I had two appeals. As far as I know, that was impossible, a week before posting another according to the rules. I wasn't trying to post two appeals, and I tried to delete it. When that didn't work, I commented that it was a mistake in case any admins looked at it. I am deeply sorry. I mean no offense.

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    2. Jam


      Rules says not to talk about your Appeal 

    3. derekb406


      I'm sorry I didn't know about you being at work

    4. Phillip
  2. please read the reply I sent to you... Its an explaination but its "needing to be approved  by mods"

  3. i donated 5$ to you on twitch please help me with my problem now

    (im hastestwitch)

    1. Françoise Appledelhi
    2. Jam


      thanks for the sub but stop bribing staff

    3. KermitTHEfrog moat.gg

      KermitTHEfrog moat.gg

      XD when do you stream I might join  

  4. could you please check my whole paragraph I updated it so that you could see what happened please help man

  5. Hey I had a question about something could you help?

  6. its fine i was banned but banned permanitly is ubserd i get if it where a few weeks but permanitly for gosting 1 time simlily is ubserd


    1. Jam


      There is one offense for ghosting and the punishment is permanent. Ghosting is a form of Cheating. 

  7. Oh my god thank you so much.

    I won't abuse your trust ^^

  8. Damn almost 3000 posts thanks for being such a good staff member

    1. Jam


      *spoiler alert*























      giveaway 😉

    2. IAwesomeNathan
  9. so little people play gmod anymore and you mods are so quick to say no to everyone that put in an unban ticket cause you don't give a fuck. way to ruin the community that your partly running. I posted about something I did like 6 months ago but you guys don't give a fuck right? no need to respond with a comeback go on with your bland life.

    1. Jam
    2. Christian


      Should of followed the rules. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Thank you for the Unban! ☺️

    1. Jam










      But it’s gonna cost ya

  11. Cute kitty profile 

  12. but i didnt ask you to check it

  13. whats unphed?

    i will get denied again?