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  1. One Of The Most Chilled Players Going (Add Me On Discord XetaRay#1131)

  2. stinky 

  3. already sold, gave a warning in trading chat earlier today smh
  4. when i feel like no more offers are gonna be made on a particular item, i'll give a heads up and wait like 2 ish hours, then end it
  5. you're the current offer, if no one else gives me a better offer then they're all yours
  6. C/O 8k: C/O 65k: fastest dualies on moat to my knowledge C/O None, B/O 300k or a good cosmic: post offers here or dm Dolph1n#7923
  7. Considering all the interest in my M4, I've changed my mind and have decided to sell it (along with some other goodies). Check the OP for everything I'm selling and their C/O and/or B/O.
  8. Do you still have the cosmic stat mutator? if so please dm me on discord Dolph1n#7923
  9. Good evening ladies and gents, I am currently looking to trade. I am buying the following items: Cosmic Stat Mutator Cosmic primaries I am also selling the following item: I'd like to trade this for some pure IC (275k ish) or a good cosmic. If I need to throw in IC plus the Tesla, I can do so. DM me or post offers below and I'll update OP. Dolph1n#7923