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  1. See, this dude. This dude has good music taste.

    Set It Off FTW! >:D

  2. I get the feeling some of the things I post are a bit long. Such as the previous status update, or the comment on a ban length discussion.

    I like to be thorough, But I feel my thoroughness is a bit too long.

  3. I feel a lot of people on this server are rather sensitive. No matter what you say or do, something is wrong.

    Keep in mind, I say "a lot of" not "most of."

    Point is, people - including myself - could definitely improve their tolerance, and reduce the amount of spite between everyone in the community to make it a much more pleasant place. 

    Personally, I feel that good communication is a start. Stoicism when needed (most effective for things like RDM reports), emotional when appropriate (most commonly in private conversation)

    1. ekksdee


      I wouldn't say that it is only "this server" that this issue is seen in. Sure, it's very prevalent here, but it's more of a change in culture rather than it being MG's own problem. 

      As long as you tackle your issues then it is all good, worry about yourself over others when it comes to these kinds of problems and you'll come out on top.

  4. I'm actually mildly annoyed at the moment. I feel there's a lack of feedback here on Moat. What I mean by that is, I get feedback: but it's often very shallow, sometimes not enough to use for personal improvement.

    Probably just me though. I'm used to thorough responses that cover aspects I need to improve.