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  1. Is this how you farm profile views?

  2. Petition to start pronouncing Pyric, "Ic", because the Pyr is silent.

  3. I saw you helped out on the NTG lobby back in the day, I was curious If you ever thought about implementing  one into moat.

  4. your mad i didnt get banned beacuse the vs was cancled and you thought otherwise sorry 

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    2. Bojaingles


      lol thats the wrong guy

    3. SeveN


      lmao bojangles are you high you were in the discord at the time, he is the guy that I won the versus against and the complaint got cancelled, I just haven't talked to him since so I don't know why hes tryna flame me.

    4. GoalKeeper69


      i was trying to talk to bojanals sorry but i like the music on your profie 

  5. Could someone tell me how reputation works on the forums, like when do you gain/loose rep points. Most forums iv'e been on its a +/-.

    1. Sharkatron


      Only winner, friendly, informative and useful reactions increase rep. I don't think any reactions decreases your rep points.

  6. I thoroughly enjoy your profile, its lit. 9/10

    1. SeveN


      I thoroughly enjoy your comment, it's neat. 9.5/10

    2. Rogers


      song name? : )

    3. SeveN


      Iann Dior - Molly

  7. Oh shit I figured out how to do status updates