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  1. WTB Community owner who has a higher IQ than -3

    1. Leš kanabisa

      Leš kanabisa

      haha whip nae nae 

  2. New profile song :blaze:

  3. If you don't have a .gif as your profile picture you are not allowed at the cool table.

  4. Is this how you farm profile views?

  5. Petition to start pronouncing Pyric, "Ic", because the Pyr is silent.

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    2. Rogers


      Petition to call Pyric "Pear-Rick"

    3. Rogers
    4. Zach.


      he is evolving.

  6. I saw you helped out on the NTG lobby back in the day, I was curious If you ever thought about implementing  one into moat.

  7. your mad i didnt get banned beacuse the vs was cancled and you thought otherwise sorry 

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    2. Bojaingles


      lol thats the wrong guy

    3. Zach.


      lmao bojangles are you high you were in the discord at the time, he is the guy that I won the versus against and the complaint got cancelled, I just haven't talked to him since so I don't know why hes tryna flame me.

    4. GoalKeeper69


      i was trying to talk to bojanals sorry but i like the music on your profie 

  8. Could someone tell me how reputation works on the forums, like when do you gain/loose rep points. Most forums iv'e been on its a +/-.

    1. Sharkatron


      Only winner, friendly, informative and useful reactions increase rep. I don't think any reactions decreases your rep points.

  9. I thoroughly enjoy your profile, its lit. 9/10

    1. Zach.


      I thoroughly enjoy your comment, it's neat. 9.5/10

    2. Rogers


      song name? : )

    3. Zach.


      Iann Dior - Molly

  10. Oh shit I figured out how to do status updates