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  1. Wait, seriously that's it? because i made one impaired mistake, you're okay with keeping me permanently banned from all servers? and all the donations and friendships that i've made are no longer accessible? one person in the session actually gave me permission to kill him, its not like i was trolling, i must have pissed off the wrong person with how i responded, i thought everyone was just having fun.

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    2. OneTroJayBro


      there is no learning from it, this isn't a week ban. i'm permanently banned. you say that as if you aren't human and have never made a mistake in your life before mr. moist.

    3. Jam


      You can appeal a week from being denied

    4. CrustyTheMoist


      There is learning from it. If you do happened to be unbanned, you will know not to do it again, or to not do it on other servers.