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  1. what's wrong with me?

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    2. BananaBoi


      delete the moderator

    3. Tastandut



      this is an eternal argument with stupid people, can you actually tell me what I'm stupid about?

      give at least 1 fact

    4. Tastandut




      delete head administrator

  2. Damn, didn't know salt had such a long shelf life.

    Got some alex jones level conspiracy theories from some uninformed 🐒

    1. Professional Retard

      Professional Retard

      Alex Jones tells the TRUTH!

    2. Françoise Appledelhi
    3. The Suess

      The Suess

      its a joke about someone's post they made after they realized they couldn't get what the wanted

  3. Trading pp tug for unbans now 🙄

    1. Professional Retard

      Professional Retard

      I prefer $5 and a reach around

  4. someone @ me when low latency servers get added or the new weapons are balanced by non-brainlets/the balance changes are reverted

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  5. Buckethead 2 electric boogaloo

  6. When people are dumb and greedy 🙄 

    1. ekksdee


      Can I have all of your items?

  7. #Justice4MyBoyInfinityTint

  8. can you tell me why i got denied

    1. The Suess

      The Suess

      Cause you cheated

      Cheating results in a permanent ban

      "Permanent" is a duration significantly longer than the total of 14 minutes you've currently served

    2. EddyBoi


      bro i k this is a really bad, but i really didnt mean to turn them on and plus its a "DLL file you guys dont have a loophole because the sever is up to date so i would know not to cheat and plus i never played a ttt sever so i saw that this one has a lot of fucking players. " I liked the way the sever looked"

  9. stupid fucking nigger. i swear your fate will be the same as your little fuck boy motato nigger. fucking retarded fat ass that should be worrying about a family than a fucking stupid dead gmod community. I wouldnt be surprised if you choose these shitty moat servers over your family, even if they were dead. fucking disgusting piece of shit.

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    2. The Suess

      The Suess

      Enjoy circle jerking your tox boyfriends

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    3. BananaBoi


      shhhh they gonna rdm you irl brooooooooooo


    4. BananaBoi
  10. 🔥 Fire new profile song 🔥

  11. People really out here like "that aint t baiting since it was headshot round and i was shooting at FEET"

    1. Banned


      Or the people who are, like, "I thought it was still preparing"

    2. RaYm0nD


      Honestly who's gonna shoot a person that's doing no damage to you?

  12. Video out soon!
    Unfortunately I had a plethora of issues with bitrate related audio/video bugs so editing will be at a minimum (no music to keep tempo with the clips & lower fps) BUUUUUUUUT its an almost 10 minute long video... soooo hopefully that makes up for the issues ❤️

    1. Samuel


      i enjoyed the video, keep it up ❤️