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  1. I need help. I don't know you, I've played with you before but we've never officially met. My name is Digital and a lot of staff dislike me, I don't really know why, maybe they think I complain too much but I don't know. I was recently Permabanned because of an accident that I know is my fault and that I need to understand my actions. I do, I just don't want to be perma banned from moat.gg. Moat is the best TTT server host in all the years I've played Gmod. I have donated over $100 to moat and I believe in the impact moat has. I just want to ask you to please review my case. I know this doesn't mean I will be unbanned, I just want a fair chance. Thank you for your time

    1. Jam


      Don't tell people to look at your appeal.

    2. IAwesomeNathan