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    My discord server which you should join. Pm me @IAwesomeNathan#2873 on discord for link
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    Calling moat gay and getting banned for it
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  1. Bye lol

    Just to keep a trend this is my last words on the moat forums

    Moat is gay anyways @cosine

    1. Samuel
    2. Erion


      Adios, mi amigo.

  2. When I saw DJ for number 1 I got excited but it wasnt me :(. Miss you

  3. I love you all so much but this is where my story ends

  4. This is the greatest profile I've ever seen 

    1. The Dyslexic Manager

      The Dyslexic Manager

      Thanks man I was only up till 6 am working on the cover photo but it was worth lol

  5. Stop farming status updates or I'll come and resize your holes

    1. Samuel


      i havent even done anything 

    2. IAwesomeNathan


      You took first place for most status updates from me 😠

  6. I'd like to point out the great, great design of the profile

    Moat could have lined them up in any way


    1. Mickey


      it was footsies


  7. Agent A is maximum cutie

  8. You're a great trooper. You do what you need to do, to improve yourself.

    Good luck, soldier.

  9. Everyone being nice on my going away post makes me sad 😞

    1. fire.


      Stay eeee

      Even I'll miss you 

    2. Samuel
  10. yeye add me on discord IAwesomeNathan#2873 and ask for the invite to my server and ill give you it ❤️