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  1. Dead account 

    1. Samuel


      miss u papa russell

    2. Randy805™
  2. I'll consider making an actual leave post later lmao

  3. Hype X

  4. Hey man heard you like Rust? I just setup a server if your down to play, just look for it in the modded section under Rust: A Noobs Journey

    1. Russell


      I'll consider it, friends and I just played on CND's 2x server and it was alright. How modded is it?

    2. Fustion


      really just a few plugins for chat, though I did add an autokit plugin. Considering removing it actually because its already being taken advantage of lol

  5. Due to request, we put in a new X song 

  6. We throwing it back to an XXX banger

  7. Is it time to change the profile music, I need answers

  8. i missed u boy

    1. Russell


      Members only vol 4

  9. Back from Vegas, got some mofo stories 

  10. yeah aight. This song fits me

  11. Shoutout my mans Blueface, he blowing upp. You best respect his crypn

  12. 21's album is out rn 

  13. I didn't think the music here could get worse

    1. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      I miss the old song and I don't know what the name was

  14. We switching it up to a different song from 2015

  15. We going back to that 2015 Ski and X