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  1. Stay off my profile you gay scammer

    1. Banned

      Napoleon Dynamite

      call me a scammer but wheres the proof? also that report of nitrucus was meant to be commented denied.


    2. IAwesomeNathan


      Shut up gay scammer

    3. IAwesomeNathan


      Lmao banned


  2. welcome back, i hope you prove you've changed

    1. Samuel


      nvm lmao get oofed

    2. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      This aged well

    3. Samuel


      i was trying to be wholesome but no hes gae

  3. Hey mate dunno how to dm on this fourm, I need to talk to u as i was perm banned for Disputing a Payment which i think wasnt me or anyone i even know of if you could get back to me would be super nice im happy to see what was apparently refunded and pay it back.