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  1. I have updated a 6th strategy that is more reliable than my previous one, so feel free to take a look!
  2. Yeah the last option isn’t really viable which is why I said it was really situational. I think a lot of people abused this back in the earlier days but now it’s pretty much evolved to where no one kills for that anymore so I see where you’re coming from.
  3. Hey guys, this guide is to help out players who have trouble trying to kill traitors and give some strategies on how to find them more easily. Keep in mind, these are only suspicious actions that may or may not determine a player’s role, so do not kill someone off of suspicion because of this. If I need to edit something or add more to this guide, I will do that. This is my first ever guide, so I hope this helps out everyone! Here are a few ways to make assumptions and have a good hunch on someone who could be a traitor: 1. You hear them buy something from the T menu. Now this is very situational and isn’t recommended but may help sometimes if you are alone with someone. Some items do not make a sound when purchased, such as body armor or radar, so take note of this. Also, if someone just happens to be walking over some ammo that go into their gun, this does not mean anything. It makes the “buy” sound, however it is pretty difficult to know if they bought something the moment they walk over the ammo. 2. They overreact to certain things such as hearing gunfire or freaking out over someone getting killed right in front of them. Innocents do this too, but traitors tend to shout or worry more when this happens because they are trying to act innocent and go along with it, but in reality they know they aren’t going to get shot because they want to use the art of deception and pretend they are innocent. 3. You walk by somebody and they don’t look back at you. This is a very good telltale sign of someone who is a traitor. It’s because traitors aren’t worried about getting shot in the back so they are more focused on killing people, and this seems less suspicious. This works especially if you are alone, but you can sometimes notice this in a moderate sized group. 4. They stop whatever they are doing and start pointing their gun at you. This is a very obvious giveaway and they will most likely shoot you in a minimum of 3-5 seconds. This would be a great time to start moving in an erratic fashion so it makes them harder to hit you. A good tip is to follow those that are alone and see if they will shoot or not. If they rarely ever turn around and don’t care that you are following them, this is very suspicious and are probably waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. If they do turn around a lot and do care that you are following them, they are probably an innocent so take this with a grain of salt. 5. They refuse to get tested or hesitate to answer questions that are asked to them. This is highly suspicious and you need to keep an eye on these people. They don’t want to test most likely because they dont want their role to be revealed, obviously. And if someone asks where they have been for the whole round or ask what their primary or secondary is, they could possibly be reluctant to answer because they don’t want to get caught. 6. People who don’t travel in crowds and prefer to be alone need to be watched carefully. If you notice someone who appears out of nowhere, then there’s a good chance that they either killed a lone wolf or planted c4s or mine turtles. Traitors need to be stealthy at all times, which means not shooting someone in front of a crowd of people. Good traitors use the element of surprise and take out innocents that aren’t near anyone else, so they need to be careful about their surroundings or else they’ll be caught. These are my tips that I’ve learned while playing/watching TTT. These may not work all the time but can help out if you suspect somebody and want to watch their behavioral patterns. Now get in there and catch those traitors by surprise!
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