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  1. @Russell goodbye i'm off to astroworld

    1. Russell


      Wya I been here 

    2. capri


      psychedelics got me goin crazy

  2. get me psn cards for christmas and ill love u forever

  3. u can keep my saber as a gift @12 centipedes, surprise!!!!!!!


  4. Well how much IC you looking for to close the gap in cost for talents and stats on the BBF? I assume it cant be a silly difference since they are still in the same range due to being the same weapon.  Just shoot me an ic difference if you get them both checked with someone or just toss out a number your comfortable with. 

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    2. Smol Smolder

      Smol Smolder

      okie dokie ill get them gauged in the meantime with each other on the channels hopefully 😮

    3. capri
    4. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      What's the highest offer on it value wise?

  5. @Russell is an idiot but don’t tell him 

    1. Russell


      Don't worry, I aint a snitch

    2. capri
  6. When are you coming back 😞

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    2. UndeadNed


      nou carpet. Still better than you at TF2

    3. IAwesomeNathan
    4. capri


      i'd tell u to 1v1 me but i dont even have a pc rn

  7. Instead of all this, you can just get a dna scanner from a dead detective
  8. i like to improvise

    1. IAwesomeNathan


      I like to be badplaced

  9. hi i got a new laptop i can play again now