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  1. So, I've Been Thinking This Idea Over For A While, And I Wholly Believe That This Is A Solid Idea: I've Been Noticing Recently That Planetaries Are Really Hit Or Miss, and that people feel like the tier 2 talent is a deciding factor in how good the weapons are, so i thought of something; "Why Not Make A Tier Above Planetary, With Better Talent Pool", Which is what i am proposing here. Make A weapon tier that has 2 tier 2 talents, and 2 tier 3 talents. call it Stellar, Or Solar, And Make Them Event Only Drops. Like How The Planetaries Were First Introduced In The 24 Hour Marathon Event. And Let Them Be Mutated By Planetary Muts, So There Wouldn't Be A Need For Any Kind Of New, Expensive, Mutators. I Really Do Feel Like This Idea Would Work Very Well On Moat. It's Giving New, better weapons, with more talent variety, which moat really needs, a lot of the talents people want are a pool of just 6 to 8. This kind of addition would also give people a chance to get even more meme-y weapons, like a gun that has 2 explosive talents, or 2 extended mag talents.
  2. The Metagaming Rule Is Pretty Flawed, Only One Thing Gets Considered Metagaming (As Far As I've Seen), And That's Damaging Yourself For The Health Station Daily. but people also cheese so many other dailies, like the marathon walker/Bunny roleplayer daily. Jumping In Small Spaces, or having someone stand on you while you jump. this is pretty much the same concept as damaging yourself for the health station daily, so it should be considered metagaming, but it's not. This is probably one of the problems with dalies, you can easily cheese the marathon walker/bunny roleplayer dailies, and get credits and high ends in such high volumes. Can we get the common mehtods to chese marathon/bunny roleplayer considered metagaming and banned?
  3. Make AWP have one bullet, and make it unsilenced, so people will be able to tell where it came from