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  1. I love seeing rants about ban lengths being unfair because the person who posted it is always somebody who just got banned for doing exactly what the rules state you shouldn't do lol. Peep their profile, see the appeal and go "Ahh, now it makes sense."

  2. I managed to kill 3 traitors, an inno and a det in one round as detective 🙃 This is why I can't have large mag guns with high RPM, I crossfire everything in existence

  3. I exist once again

    1. Eskay


      ye do now do ye



  4. Ook ook


    im chimpin out boys send a zookeeper 

  5. New profile song :Fire::Fire:

  6. How angry are you? Calm ☐ Angry ☐ Salty ☐ Super Ragestorm 9000 ☐ Dooby's T Round ☐ Kagamine's Mom: ☐ ME RIGHT NOW: ☑

  7. [buttery chestrug][Trial Staff][TTT]

    shitpost.exe has crashed

  8. Thanks for taking care of me guys. I'd like to think I did some good for the server too. Moving forward. Good luck. 

    1. Dante


      You're always welcome back! :)

    2. The Suess

      The Suess

      much love man, you will be missed.