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  1. what is your idea for the hard hat perk? The one that lowers headshot damage.
  2. You want to nerf what health bloom was made to do? The entire point of the perk is to be able to tank more damage.
  3. I think it would be better if it was "Grenade" and "Misc". I don't like having to pick baby nade over my play dead taunt but I do what I got to do.
  4. In-Game Name of Offender: Mix-Player SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:1:421721628 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft #3 Date of Incident: 07/05/2019 Report Reason: Multiple RDMs then Leave What Happened: He picked up a shotgun and started shooting people randomly. then he left the server. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: TheMaxBork Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  5. darnell

    Buying Wild!s

    PM me on discord a picture of the wild! and the price of it. jono#8227
  6. Crowd Control- Hitting a player increases damage by 1-4% for 2-10 seconds for a max of 5-10% The red numbers can be changed a bit so it doesn't become to op Gambling Shot- Each bullet does -10%-10% extra damage. Just like the last one, it doesn't have to be 10% in case of being to OP. But pretty much this one would work like this... First five bullet (1st +5.3%, 2nd -8.2%, 3rd +3.2%, 4th +1.7%, 5th -9.8%)
  7. Your In-Game Name: Tarvos Your Steam ID: 76561198111843265 Which server where you banned on?: I don't know. Staff Member that Banned You: Jam Ban Reason: Hateful Conduct (1st offense) Ban Length: 1 week Did you break any rules?: Yes What Happened: DJ Diamond Bear messaged me on discord for pricing my item for too much. I tried to civilly explain to him why the price of an item isn't based on someone else's PC but is based on how much a buyer is willing to buy for and how much a seller is willing to pay. If the two numbers touch guess what it is a trade NOT A SCAM. He called me a scammer and telling me how I have to do trades. The conversation was in a private Discord DM which has no association to moat so I don't know why in the first place I can be banned for something I say in a direct message. If he was truly disturbed or didn't want to talk to me anymore there is a block option on almost every media outlet. He only posted the snippets that he wanted to show so I'll show the full convo so there is no misconception. #1 https://i.gyazo.com/7ffc6c44c2cbbbf25cb4e611fe1217c6.png #2 https://i.gyazo.com/5408bf0a28c20466d5f8ab73394a9cc0.png #3 https://i.gyazo.com/19136b0cd107eaf07b734a009627c4e1.png #4 https://i.gyazo.com/ecf13d32fc1c931966d609a954c85d76.png #5 https://i.gyazo.com/36654b74ca2d6ddf053f194ef6a7ba44.png #6 https://i.gyazo.com/8b17bfea9b0c91fd349c06293f08cbac.png #7 https://i.gyazo.com/1c1a4d17a5faa62a373fde89c7341e68.png #8 https://i.gyazo.com/24a27153110ec9745f0c66507f56bb89.png #9 https://i.gyazo.com/0cb312238f9693a3fbf25182afb32130.png #10 https://i.gyazo.com/cfe334c1cad4faab9623db3c802af56e.png #11 https://i.gyazo.com/31d32d7b15d4a0ef7dc00e1864ef5eac.png #12 https://i.gyazo.com/b41a1a41a8031033ec37587e20486f19.png Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: No Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  8. you can do that on the server right now. Just say everyone unequip everything or KOS. -1 community is known for its dope UI, inventory, gambling, cases, weapons, and etc. Honestly, if you want to play a vanilla server there are so many generic servers out there. If Moat released there own Vanilla server I feel it wouldn't do too well because you can't really have all the stuff listed above.