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  1. Hey People, Wanted to see how things are going... Yeah? :dance:

    1. Dante


      good things

    2. Mr. GentlePickle

      Mr. GentlePickle

      Thats good, Might start playing Moats TTT Server soon ;)

  2. A little something for you... 


  3. Birthday is exactly 1 week from now! (7 days!)

  4. Gentlepickle can you please get on, the server is in desperate need for a staff member

  5. GentlePickle, The ban doesnt have to be at least 4 days as you said Here:  Click Here 

    Says in the rules only 1 day : Click Here




    P.S luv ya fam, and good music :)

    1. Johnny LongJack

      Johnny LongJack

      Of course i did... Im talking about lord papa's ban request:  3474bfbb2ca7e3a1d937346213af23a5.png

    2. Jay ☂

      Jay ☂

      This made me cringe

    3. Mr. GentlePickle

      Mr. GentlePickle

      Either way, he needs to wait the 4 days, so yeah


  6. i cant find the template for the unban can u help


    1. Mr. GentlePickle

      Mr. GentlePickle

      Oh, seems as though you found it, thanks for asking though, sorry I could not respond sooner :/

  7. Looking for members to join The Pickle Army! | Enlist now! | We must overlay the server as the greater alliance of players!

  8. Pretty Close! http://i.imgur.com/wVpLF1d.jpg http://i.imgur.com/9bRZ1ha.jpg
  9. Adding onto "l_printerprice", You are able to put multiple printer levels, and it adds them up for you, just put a space in between the levels!
  10. I was asked a by a couple people how to do it, I thought some other people might not know how
  11. Yeah you can, morph into a pickle and run through your school hallways yelling "I like putting pickelos in french horns!" Works every time
  12. How to - Profile Customization The first thing you need to do, if you have not already, is to click "Profile" in the drop-down menu. Here is a screenshot to help you! Next, click either "Cover Photo" or "Profile Song". First I will show how to do the Cover Photo! Screenshot! After that, you need to choose any visual file that you have on your computer, I recommend placing it on your Desktop to make it easier to find. (Note that this file must be gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, or png) Once you have selected the file, click "Save", it may take a few seconds. You are Done! For the Profile song, you must select the drop-down for it, than click "Choose Single File" Than select the desired music file (Note that only sound files allowed are mp3, ogg, and wav) Click "Save" it may take a minute or two. You are Done! If you have any problems or questions about your profile, comment below!