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  1. Camping time, cya on Monday/Tuesday


  2. ye  :loadcat:


  3. New Music! by Led Zeppelin (D.C. can't make their own music :FestiveKappa:)

    Also got Dante's approval on a post so. Gonna be a good day today. :loadcat:

  4. No wonder your servers going to shit, if playtime don't matter, no reason why people should be investing time in them. Especially if you're staff isn't going to listen and you're gonna make excuses for their poor discretion. You should learn how to run a server better, you might be able to keep your rapidly leaving veteran base if you did.

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    2. The Suess
    3. Mousey


      ur just mad Avengerian is cool and u sux

    4. [LFG]NaClMK


      yes yes cause you're mad that we had logical reasoning of a ban??? And you had to serve it?

      like suess posted, we had over a 3x per month payment on servers how are they dying???

  5. Merry Christmas!


    1. Bot Slayah ☂

      Bot Slayah ☂

      It's the 26th of November :CoolStory:

    2. Avengerian


      Yeah, It goes thanksgiving, then the next day it's christmas. That's why the Christmas Tree is up

  6. Happy Mass Turkey Murder Day!

    1. Phrot


      The cats are next :loadcat:

  7. New song because the other one was too short for me

  8. Tis the season to be spoopy la la la la la, la la la la.

  9. VOTE KICK The Dos and Donts You can ONLY Votekick someone after you contact staff through discord. If you are unsure of a reason to Votekick someone don't be afraid to @Staff in discord to ask if it's a valid reason. You cannot Votekick someone that you dislike/annoys you/is AFK/RDM'd you once. These are minor reasons and what the Player Complaints section of the forums is for. NEVER Votekick someone while a Staff Member is online or in the middle of an ongoing round. IF ANYONE is caught breaking these few rules they will First be warned, the second time their access to vote kick will be instantly removed. This will be a WIP since the community loves to find new dumb reasons to kick people.