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  1. Found it! Is there a way to break the walls around it or is it just there?
  2. Hello! I'm here to show you nerds some of the secrets I have found around the TTT maps used in MOAT servers! The first Secret: ttt_buttclown_redux 's hidden Knife/HP Station. To start this easter egg you must make a simple choice, do you want a knife or an HP Station? Inside the Parker building, there is a button on the catwalk in the corner of the room next to the elevator. Pressing it will change the selection from a knife to the HP station, once you press it, the choice can not be changed. The next step is to find the 3 crows hidden around the map and shoot them. After you do that, run back to the area where your reward spawns. Here is a video showing the steps and crow locations. The second Secret: ttt_casino_b2 's super lightsabers. This easter egg is meant for T's only, but a very sneaky Innocent can take advantage of the chaos and complete this, though T's will have to complete the last step. Collecting 3 corpses and placing them in vents around the map will activate a safe in the vault for T's to open and get 2 powerful lightsabers, capable of 1 hit kills but with limited range and lots of noise. Here is a video showing the steps and vents/vault locations. The third Secret will be the community_pool's secret knives. So, there are a few different community pool maps, each knife has a different set of steps to get it. I will show you each map's variations. Classic and the Overhaul map function around hidden buttons, these next two involve a hidden button, a sacrifice, and a scavenger hunt. I'm only showing the revamped version because both of them are the exact same just with different map textures. Press the button, offer a corpse to the stall, find the skull (it can spawn in ANY ROOM on the map, including the spawn.) and give it to the corpse in the women's bathroom showers.