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  1. Remind me not to join a server while viewing your profile and singing along.

  2. new profile song😤 

    germ - bodybag

  3. new profile song

    dying fetus- epidemic of hate 

  4. new profile song @everyone 


    ghost bc- square hammer

  5. new profile song 

    Comethazine - Walk

  6. New PS @ everyone @ here @ supereveryone 


    SYL- Love?

    1. crossboy


      ree why'd you ping me

  7. new profile song @ everyone Xavier Wulf: Whiplash'd

  8.  @d1 King Leo please listen to my new profile song, its "You think i aint worth a dollar, but i feel like a millionaire" by queens of the stone age 

  9. new profile song fu manchu- evil eye a;sd;'aslk;fk;alsfgakl'sfklakps'[fkp'asf 

  10. just letting leo know i have a new profile song now @d1 King Leo

  11. I do not know how well staff communication is but can you ask Jam to give me a full reply.  

  12. 5k profile views poggers 

  13. Um hello, I want to write about me being permanently banned  on the servers for not responding to a complaint?  that was sent to me on the forums here, i have reason to explain why i didn't respond to the message as i hadn't realized that they sent a request to perma ban me over these forums.  I didn't check these forums  because i thought i had only been banned for the 30 mins nor did i think i would be messaged on them. Had it been brought up to me over steam or discord  i would have responded immediately  about the case. I don't know if i could be given another chance to redeem myself, but i believe the case of me being permanently banned  might  have been due of my misinformation to severity of the issue. If i am to be given a chance i  solemnly swear that a case of this nature will not happen again. please.   

  14. just to spite leo im going to inform you i changed my profile song again; this time to corporal jigsaw quandary by carcass