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  1. Back in my day, this man was green

  2. Hello admin, sorry to bother you, I am sorry that I had rdmed someone on one of the TTT server and I got banned from all moat gaming ttt servers.  I had forgotten which server and which person since it had been a long time, during that time my computer crashed when I was playing on the server, it might seems like an excuse for anyone that thinks I am a liar or some sort, I quite sorry for admins wasting their time reviewing my unban request, dear admin, can you unban me, I promise it won't happen again. For me when my unban request got denied, it's quite a suffering for me to wait a week, I remembered I only killed one person, however how come my status written mass rdm? I don't get it...

  3. Hey wild. You commented on my forum post saying i was unabnned and yet i am still banned. Im sure its just something wrong happened. Thank you for your time.

    1. wildmonkei


      Yeah thats on me, you should be unbanned.

    2. Quasi moat.gg
  4. Hey Wild, i was banned for rdming somone twice, and i have to admit, i was in the wrong, the FIRST time. The victim uploaded two videos of me rdming him. The first time was rdm, i admit, but the second video didnt show any proof of rdm. i didnt pursue him the second time, because i was satisfied the first time. But the second time was not rdm, he was a traitor and started shooting me, and i killed him, simple as that. So with that being said, i would really like it if would look over the second video of me "rdming him" again, or add me so we can talk about this. I really love this server, this is the only server i play on, thank you. - sorry for this long ass paragraph...


    1. wildmonkei


      So you killed him for yelling at you? Thats still rdm, wait out the ban, and play nice in the future

    2. XO$ [moat.gg]

      XO$ [moat.gg]

      did u even look at the second video, the second time was not rdm, ye i was trying to provoke him because he rdmed me before i revenge rdmed him, man u probably dont give the slightest fuck about me but man im just saying he isnt totally "innocent" he killed me, i killed him, the thing is i didnt report him, so ye just something you need to consider


  5. Did you get anything for 200 thooooo

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      As far as I know I didn't. 

  6. can you add me on discord id like to ask a question on discord at CallMeDanny#8267

    1. wildmonkei


      Sent a request.

  7. ur song sucks gaylord

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      Thanks i will pay less for those stat mutators now 😠

  8. @wildmonkei the report that you handled is false. You said that I RDmed him at timestamp 2.10. I shot at him because someone called him out as a KOS. I was banned for nothing and the report was locked so i couldnt say anything. That is bullshit.

  9. See, this dude. This dude has good music taste.

    Set It Off FTW! >:D

  10. I made a guide on binds then realised it was my 100th post wat


  11. Hello so first off, im a player with over 25 days of playtime on moat and over 3500h in garrysmod, since ive gotten staff on moat ive realised alot of players dont know how to bind in garrysmod/ttt/moat. So i decided to write this so people can just be directed here if they need help with binds. 1. Using the F1 menu! The default binds such as "wildmonkei is a traitor!" "wildmonkei is innocent" "Yes" "No". Can easily be bound using the menu accesible by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard, usually located just above the keys 1 and 2. You might have to hold down the FN (function key) on your keyboard for this to work, depends on what keyboard/what setting u have on it. This menu is good if you simply want binds that can be used for gameplay. 2. How to enable and use the console! Before you get to binding your fancy new custom messages together with your callouts you need to enable the developer console, here is how: 2.1. Boot up Gmod and open settings. 2.2. Your press advanced. 2.3. You enable "developer console" by clicking the box on the new advanced window that has popped up. 2.4. You select a keybind for the console at the bottom of the "keyboard" section of the options window. Simple click on "toggle developer console" and hit you bind and it will show up, mine is bound to / which on my keyboard layout corresponds to ½ or §. ( i have heard its usually the ~, its located on the left of 1 and above tab. 3. Using the console to bind. 3.1 Basics So a few basics on the console, u open it with the previous set keybind and type the command u want to run, you do not need to put anything before the command and this is not a chat. DO NOT RUN COMMANDS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. You can by using the console unbind all your buttons and close the game. 3.2 What are the keyboard buttons called. Here is a picture that shows what u put in console as the key you want to use for u fresh new bind: DISCLAIMER, if your keyboard has special macro keys or if you use a diffrent keyboard layout, above image may not be correct. For macro keys i would recommend rebinding them to any of the numpad keys inorder for them to work properly while binding in gmod. If you at any point make a mistake with a bind you can simply use the command unbind t this will unbind all commands from the key T, please beware though as this command can be used to get rid of keybinds made in the options of gmod aswell as getting rid of all your binds if used incorrectly. The commands we will be using in this guide is mainly "Bind", "TTT_radio" and "say" Bind, the command used to assign a key to a console function(command) ttt_radio, the command that the TTT gamemode uses. say, this is a command that tells the console to send what is put after it into chat. 3.3 How to bind: If you want to make your key for "wildmonkei is a traitor" also include a custom chat message such as "KOS KOS KOS!" in order for it to be more easy to notice in chat. You simply run the command: Bind T "ttt_radio traitor ; Say KOS KOS KOS!!!" I will break this command down in order for you to be able to elaborate on this. bind, see above. T, is the key i want to bind this command to- The " ", opens and closes the command ttt_radio traitor, calls out "wildmonkei is a traitor" the ; marks the beginning of a new command you want to run at the same time as the other one. Say, see above. KOS KOS KOS!!! is simply the message you want to display in the chat. 3.4 ttt_radio commands Okay by now you probably understand the basics of binding. i will leave some useful commands specific to ttt here: TTT_radio imwith TTT_radio suspect TTT_radio traitor TTT_radio innocent TTT_radio check Use these in combination with what i showed above to customize messages to go with the binds. 4. Useful moat specific binds. Bind m "say !menu" This bind opens up the moat menu, where u can boost maps, check playtime and if staff do alot of super duper secret staff commands. If you experience any issues u can bind mga_menu1, mga_menu2 or mga_menu3 as console commands, depending on ur screen resoultion, only use 3 if u got 4k monitor. Bind p "inspect" This bind lets you inspect the gun youre holding or if in FIRST PERSON (r while spectating) spectating somone view the stats and talents of that persons gun. Bind k "kill" Simply kills yourself ingame, Bind L "say {loadout}" This displays your currently equipped loadout in chat. Bind v "stopsound" Stops all currently playing sounds, event round music/ambient noise of maps, good if u want to tryhard and figure out where people are walking/shooting. Bind h "ttt_radio imwith ; say ID OR KOS!" A bind to use in order to ask people to id bodies to avoid getting slain if u see somone kill a person and u want them to ID. Bind t "ttt_radio traitor ; say KOS KOS KOS" A simple KOS bind including "wildmonkei is a traitor" Bind b "ttt_radio imwith ; say Stop following/blocking me (warning 1/2/3) A bind to use when you want somone to stop following you. 5. ENDING Please do not hesitate to either reply or send me a message on discord wildmonkei#6919, if there is anything that is unclear or that you need help with or that is wrong/missing from this guide, i will try my best to help you and edit this guide. Happy binding!. TODO: More moat/inv commands such as {slot1}
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    why are u doing the ahegao face challenge on ur profile picture



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