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  1. I am aware of those, but i do not like them or support their usage, since those kos's, sus's or im with's do not show up in the logs.
  2. hey wild

    don't tell the others but ur the best head admin

  3. Thanks for helping me out earlier, 😁

  4. why did you deny me for whats the point

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    2. dz


      I am already -decent- at the game its just that i wanted an extra advantage [that advantage being esp]

       but the thing is when i joined the game i tried to leave so i could close out the cheat bc i felt guilt over me but i got banned instantly. I didn't even get time to use it also.

      I basically knew it was wrong when i joined the server and i tried to back out but it was too late. I don't know if you gave a cheater a second chance or something im again; not too sure about this servers history but please. I want to be in the community. Ill legit make it better and i wont use any cheat again. Yes; you have no idea if i am going to use it again or not but i will tell you this and ill leave it up for you to decide against my own honest words.

      I wont cheat again.


    3. wildmonkei


      You cheated, thats the reason it was denied

    4. BashedDT


      sad. the bans were cleared dude cleared. idk if you got banned before this but that was clearly the only chance people got

  5. i remember you before you were staff man. job making it this far

    1. BashedDT


      i used to be Ṩḧäďöẅ moat.gg so idk if you remember me

  6. yo bruh i literally didnt know there was a moat.gg site before this so i wanted to contact a staff on discord.Literally made my account yesterday an hour before submitting the appeal.

  7. How should I show effort in wanting to get unbanned then?

    1. Dog⠀


      Maybe by not copy pasting the same rationale that has gotten denied four times before haha. Also its a little hard to see remorse if you mass rdm'd once, got banned, came back and did the exact same thing again smh.

    2. Hugo-a-go-go


      So if I made the posts different, that would be a start? 

  8. So regarding my unban request, the fact that it was my fault for not reading the rules still doesn't excuse how I got perm banned for something I did before my first offence. And from my knowledge, the first offence ban is to warn players that what they did was bad (which it did as I wasn't going to RDM after it) therefore getting perm banned for something I did before I was ever warned by the first offence ban is pretty unfair in my opinion.

    1. Ampruh


      And also how you quoted my unban request trying to disprove it was entirely incorrect. I know for a fact that someone was shooting at me or around me at that moment in time, and before I left the game I wanted to attempt to help out by throwing dynamite at them. But this doesn't matter as this was a completely different ban where I was banned for 2 days, not the ban I was appealing for.

    2. wildmonkei



      Mass rdm, is a permanent ban, as first offence, you dont get a warning about ruining 3+ peoples rounds for no reason.

  9. Why was the discord appeal denied? malk literery banned me on discord because he didnt like me http://prntscr.com/p3q6bf


  10. considering my unban was up for 3 days with  no answer, you seen it pretty fast once it was edited, do you ignore everyones unbans or just people who are correct?

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    2. wildmonkei


      I actually dont know who banned you, nor do i know what for. @Dillon I know for a fact i didnt do it. I see big title called ignore, then it doesnt take much investigating to come to a conclusion.

    3. wildmonkei


      @Lovely For somone who shows so much blatent hate towards the community, you seem a bit upset about getting discord banned. Interessting...

      (I do know why i banned you, doesnt mean i will share that information publicly)

    4. Lovely


      Sorry I only hate the people that ruined it my guy.

  11. Here is a link with workshop packs with all the maps in em.
  12. Explain "No"

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    2. Ceberus


      You want to explain? 

    3. Ceberus


      He's banned from the forums he can't make an unban request


    4. Ceberus


      Napoleon Dynamite#4657