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  1. STEAM_0:1:450716023 will be slain 1 time for accidental RDM as it seems he just killed you without knowing you had killed a t and just saw you kill someone. Closed & Archived
  2. Insufficient Evidence Please be sure to get screenshots of logs next time. Closed & Archived
  3. @Chewbee you got the screenshots of the logs or no?
  4. After trading the wrong item purposefully Ozze, will be banned for 1 month for scamming 2nd offence. (His first being the original complaint) Locked & Moved
  5. Since Ozze has notified me of his return, He will be given 3 days (as he already has the item and doesnt need to make ic) to give you the cosmic he owes you or face a permanent ban.
  6. The 2 parties have completed their tradeback. Closed & Archived
  7. The 2 parties involved have organized a tradeback to happen later today.
  8. JFK wuz (x)























    Im watching you...... 👁👁

  9. @aps01 if you could pm me on discord (Shootr31#8661) that would be great.
  10. The offending player is new to the game and did not show clear intent to break the rules therefore Malaxianos STEAM_0:0:455726966 will be slain 2 times for Accidental RDM Closed & Archived
  11. Due to not being able to contact either of the players involved with this case I will be closing this thread, however if the scammed player comes back and wants to further progress the complaint they are free to make a new one. Until then Closed & Archived