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  1. Hottest guys in here <3

  2. I will see about a some sin counts, but I don't just sin count any staff app, they need to be objectively bad. Mainly they were done on apps that were poorly formatted, that didn't meet directly stated requirements, or that were obviously not going to be approved anyway. If I see a cc making an app with shitloads of playtime and a good message, I can't sin count it. However this is for you.


    Feel free to use this image to deny applicable applicants to which need an application denied for being inapplicable.

  3. We need help on DarkRP Server 2

  4. Thanks For the help! :)

  5. that guy must have dope eyesight

  6. What does Ban Upheld mean

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    2. Alpha Wolf
    3. Alpha Wolf

      Alpha Wolf

      Why is my ban upheld because I wasn't ghosting and it was mostly because of my texture 


    4. Alpha Wolf

      Alpha Wolf

      Hello can you tell me why it was upheld because I wasn't ghosting it was mostly because of my textures

  7. Looked through his account, never seen him in-game but I can already tell he is a great person! Thanks for your service!

    1. Dante


      Thank you!