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  1. ah, so basically its impossible for me to be unbanned from discord?

    just wanna know so i can stop wasting time with the unban requests 


  2. hey sorry for lying in my unban request i was using aimbot im sorry



    1. ekksdee


      Its okay.

  3. I added you Discord. PM me when you accept it

    1. crossboy


      i did, just pm me

  4. crossboy I did not ghost tommygr1 was with me when it all happended ask him

    plus I said to tommy I will be back on later around 30 mins so when I came back on JPH told me todo a ban appeal I did not even talk to frozen nebula at all

    tommygr1 WAS the witness


  5. thank you for closing the other forum.


  6. so in regards to my unban request, I never said anything about d12 saying that it wasn't ghosting i said OTHER STAFF MEMBERS. I dont know if that guy is too retarded to read but idk

    1. Jam


      Don’t call people retarded lmao 

    2. crossboy
    3. DJGooseBucket


      he said d12 but k

  7. I know I shot multiple people, we already discussed this on my last appeal. 😕 
    Like the example I have given you on my appeal, yeah sure I have RDM'd before, but I meant it in the way that I didn't do it intentionally. Like I mentioned, mistakes happen. Please man, give me a chance. This wasn't a random killing spree, you have to believe me. I have no way to prove it to you, but please don't be so harsh on me. The traitor played me like a fool on that game, I do nothing on Gmod but play TTT, I want to get unbanned so I can play on your server again, this is why I persist, I want it, I want to play on the server.  I don't want to give up, but I don't know what to tell you, I am trying to be honest here. Please give me a chance.

  8. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Banned


      congrats on getting head admin Jam

    3. Jam



    4. BananaBoi


      Nice, now i can Purp RDM you.

  9. You denied my appeal but can I just ask when was I rdming other people ? I think i just was throwing  my dynamite and people would go on it and report me.


  10. I didnt do it purposefully, i did accept my mistake,nor did i leave  straight away before the ban. Which means the reason i was permantly banned for is not a reason to ban me.

  11. 👰


    1. Françoise Appledelhi
    2. crossboy


      this is a nice meme

  12. crossboy i fuckin beg man plz its been months plz i just wanna oplay on the server gain

    1. HappyFunTime


      plz man this is the only server i wanna play i wanna be a admin and help out i made a fucking dumb ass decision plz

  13. I Meant it liek im not sure because i do break rules by accident really often.