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  1. so in regards to my unban request, I never said anything about d12 saying that it wasn't ghosting i said OTHER STAFF MEMBERS. I dont know if that guy is too retarded to read but idk

  2. I know I shot multiple people, we already discussed this on my last appeal. 😕 
    Like the example I have given you on my appeal, yeah sure I have RDM'd before, but I meant it in the way that I didn't do it intentionally. Like I mentioned, mistakes happen. Please man, give me a chance. This wasn't a random killing spree, you have to believe me. I have no way to prove it to you, but please don't be so harsh on me. The traitor played me like a fool on that game, I do nothing on Gmod but play TTT, I want to get unbanned so I can play on your server again, this is why I persist, I want it, I want to play on the server.  I don't want to give up, but I don't know what to tell you, I am trying to be honest here. Please give me a chance.

  3. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Banned


      congrats on getting head admin Jam

    3. Jam
    4. BananaBoi


      Nice, now i can Purp RDM you.

  4. You denied my appeal but can I just ask when was I rdming other people ? I think i just was throwing  my dynamite and people would go on it and report me.


  5. I didnt do it purposefully, i did accept my mistake,nor did i leave  straight away before the ban. Which means the reason i was permantly banned for is not a reason to ban me.

  6. 👰


    1. Françoise Appledelhi
    2. crossboy


      this is a nice meme

  7. crossboy i fuckin beg man plz its been months plz i just wanna oplay on the server gain

    1. HappyFunTime


      plz man this is the only server i wanna play i wanna be a admin and help out i made a fucking dumb ass decision plz

  8. I Meant it liek im not sure because i do break rules by accident really often.

  9. If a vote ban gets me banned how come it bans a separate account for life just because its connected to the same email and that account I have nothing to do with

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    2. Tank Gaming

      Tank Gaming

      She filed an unban report her name is snugbug

    3. The Suess
    4. Himeko Murata

      Himeko Murata

      oh dear... you shouldn't have said about the unban..


  10. that is not the problem i got banned for one day for 1 thing i did with out worning/slay or anything prior to the situation

    1. crossboy


      you broke a rule and got a punishment? shocking

  11. hey cross remember me? i wrote another unban apeal 

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    2. Jam
    3. Banned

      Ezequiel moat.gg

      jam prob you ill ban me for a thing that i said to an admin 

    4. Banned

      Ezequiel moat.gg

      i dont have any hope , my pc didnt run any fuckng game my life sucks , and i will got banned 

  12. Hey man, I've seen two people view my unban request is something wrong is there not enough info or?

  13. That denial was bullshit and you know it

    1. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      Crossboy gettin his first profile message calling "bullshit" OOOH baby