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  1. This complaint will be closed due to lack of evidence. We cannot go off of what a player saw without evidence. Locked and Archived
  2. STEAM_0:1:91522501 will be banned for 2 days for Purp Rdm plus leave first offense. Locked and Sent to Ban Requests
  3. STEAM_0:1:148448597 will be slain once for kos off of location/sus. As you cannot kos off of location or suspicion. Locked and Archived
  4. STEAM_0:1:62327858 will be warned for votekick abuse as they did not call for staff before initiating the votekick. Locked and Archived
  5. STEAM_0:0:528893718 will be permanently banned for ghosting as they gave information when dead. Even if the information was incorrect an attempt was made. Locked and Moved to Ban Requests
  6. Has been dealt with in a different report. Locked and Archived
  7. STEAM_0:1:181749246 will be warned for Exploiting map First Offense Locked and Archived
  8. @Rummzy Do you have any logs? You have 24 hours to respond