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  1. Doxing is a serious case threatening to dox is not to supposed to be taken lightly. As this is Amanda's first offense she will be warned for Harassment Closed and Archived
  2. zeet did she actually provide anything of proof that she doxed you?
  3. Riccochet- every bullet you shoot bounces off objects. Bore (inspired by borderlands) - You gain the abillity to shoot through people
  4. Wubba will be warned for Hateful conduct Closed and Archived
  5. Due to lack of evidence spanky will only be slain for accidental rdm. Closed and Archived
  6. Not only did A cure not kill anyone at all during the round he was nowhere near the vents. No one even threw tnt in spawn before he kills a cure, below is the image of exactly where greek killed A cure. He also was right behind him the whole time and A cure never threw tnt.
  7. Gerumon will have 1 autoslay added to him for accidental RDM closed and Archived
  8. Due to Map Exploiting guidelines, @WEST sonMoat.gg will be warned for Map Exploiting Closed and Archived
  9. Without any Evidence, I cannot continue Closed and Archived