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  1. I have a master plan. I open five alpha crates and drop a cosmic huge. While leveling it up, I steal Phrot's first place in today's contract >:D

  2. I don't always post status updates, but when I do... they're meaningless.

  3. Personal trading rules

    Regarding large trades (50k+ value);

    I will hold on to what I gain for 24 hours unless stated otherwise for the event of a trade back if necessary.

    Regarding offers given;

    The first offer I accept will have a reserve of 1/4 on it. (This means that unless the offer is beaten by 25% it will only be sold to the original offerer.) However I will keep in mind other offerers in the event the original offerer backs out and the reserve is removed.

    Regarding over/underpay;

    I am not good with price checking, but I am also willing to overpay for things I want, and sometimes underpay if the other party is okay with it. I ensure both sides understand the value given equally and I never have the intention to scam.

    Regarding trade back;

    I reserve the right to refuse a trade back after the initial 24 hours have passed on a large trade. If you feel like you were scammed, you are more than welcome to make a scam report and I will answer it fairly. If a higher up believes it was a scam, I will apologise and trade back.

  4. Whoops, warning point for posting on an old topic, didn't notice ^^; Glad I know now lmao