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  1. Me listening to your profile music.


  2. i miss you

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    2. Samuel


      i miss u too pls upload moar

    3. Jam


      I miss you too 

    4. Ethical Gamer (MOAT.GG)

      Ethical Gamer (MOAT.GG)

      I miss you too, you sexy man!

  3. Hey there Jam. You're one of the most incredible and  hard working staff members we got. 😺

    The community wouldn't be the same without you. Sometimes you might not see it but you do make a difference.

    A lot of people admire you just as much as I do. I really miss the days when we would play TTT together with mages.

    💕 See you in the future twin.

    1. Randy805™


      You guys should fuck.


  4. Hi Eaglecorn! I am your biggest fan! I love your videos and every night, before I go to sleep, I binge watch all your videos. 😊

    My favorite is this one.

    You really showed us another side of you. I watch that one while I shower. 🙂

    Looking forward to another video. ❤️

    ps Seeder thinks you are cute. 😊


    Bye now. I will see you in my dreams.


  5. The second video in a small series I'm doing. This video will show you how to: Make and save IC. Break down the quality of items. Understand the drop chance system. Know what is important to the Moat Gaming Community.
  6. I love your profile banner.