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  1. @Rule Abiding GamerThank you for the update on the rules, it is appreciated.
  2. If you see a wrong rule please tell me dont just say "Oh and this is wrong"
  3. @The SuessMany staff i worked with on this were all for it i dont see the problem with having a rulebook that goes in depth.
  4. @IAwesomeNathan Please tell me what is wrong so i can fix it!
  5. I knew that existed, please indicate to me what is wrong so i can fix it. i tried tons to get it fact checked thoroughly but i got no staff to bite. @Agent A
  6. Hello, fellow moat.gg user! I heard you were wondering about the rules! Well, They aren't all in one place… Until now! Today I set out to make moat.gg a safer place with less accidental RDM and less confusing rules. Let’s get started. What is an autoslay? An autoslay is when a staff has reviewed a report and deemed it RDM. Most offenses will give you 1 autoslay and what this means is that you will die at the start of a round no matter your role besides when there is an event round. Most offenses garner 1 autoslay but punishment can be as serious as a permanent ban. Section 0:RDM (Random DeathMatch/Random Death Murder) 1. Accidental RDM. (Punishment: 1 slay) x2 if leave 1a. Misclick. When you didn't mean to click your mouse and you kill someone because of it. (counts as a purp rdm on record) 1b. When you don't understand the rules. Killing someone for a non kosable reason. 1c. Crossfire, Killing someone while shooting at someone else (Slay Punishment: 0 slays) 1d. Generally not meaning to kill someone. I mean it's in the name accidental rdm. 2. Purposeful RDM. Killing someone on purpose (Punishment: 1 day per person, 2 day per person, 1 week per person) x2 if leave (Permanent ban on 5th offense) 2a.Revenge RDM. Killing someone because they killed you in a previous round or for any other reason you pertaining to something they did that you didn’t like. 2b. In general purposely killing someone. 2c. Mass RDM. Killing 3+ people purposefully (Punishment: Permanent Ban) 2d. Accidental Mass RDM. Accidentally killing 3+ people. (Punishment: 1 autoslay per person 1st offense, 2 autoslay per person 2nd offence, 1 day ban per person 3rd offense.) 2e. Attempted mass RDM. Attempting to kill 3+ people on purpose, (Punishment: 2.5 day per person damaged 1st offense, 4 day per person damaged 2nd offense, 1 week per person damaged 3rd offense) 2f. Falling onto placed props. If someone puts props in a pool and you fall onto it and die they rdmed you. Section 1: Kosable offences 1. T baiting. Shooting around you/ actively trying to make you kill them 2. Karma baiting 2a. Saying you are a traitor 2b. Attempting to get you to kill them to hurt your karma 3. Angry shoe. If 5 damage is dealt you may KOS the person with the shoe. 4. Hurting you. If you are harmed by another person in any way (excluding the angry shoe) you may KOS them. If it is with a glacies, shoe etc. Only you may kill them. (note You can KOS for a missed Ignis or Contagio, but not a Glacies.) 5. Killing an innocent (Kos, If someone kills an innocent in any way you have permission to kill them (Keep in mind if they are inno people can kill you.) 6. following/blocking/not identifying. If someone does any of the following/blocking/not iding You must warn them 3 times with 5 seconds in between each warn, once you have given them a fair chance you can KOS them. (Note: If there are less than 8 people you DO NOT have to ask them to id if you see them kill someone/) (Note. If they are the only person in a small enclosed space who could have killed them you can kill them) 7. Having a T weapon. If you are holding a T weapon or are disarmed and had a T weapon you may be killed. 8. Elimination. If everyone is proven besides 1 person. You may kill them. They must be proven (Tester, killing a T, Calling KOS on a T etc.) Section 2: NON kosable offences: 1. Testing weapon. If someone is shooting at the air or ground 2. Killing someone who shot at someone else. If someone kills another person you should let them id the body before killing them. 3. Being afk , If someone is afk you must wait until overtime to rigtfully kill them (You may still be kosed if it is an innocent) 4. KOSing off location. If you see someone in a place with lots of dead bodys you can't kill them. 5. Kosing off gun You may in no circumstance KOS off gun. If you know someone has an m24 and see tons of dead people to an m24 you CAN'T Kos them. 6. KOSing off model . If you are in a situation where you know someone is a t because of their model (Behind glass boom body etc.) You do not have sufficient evidence to kill them. 7. Killing off suspicion. You may NEVER kill off sus in moat.gg TTT. Final. 8. Killing for a detective weapon. If you see someone with a detective weapon you may not KOS them. There is a gray area where detective and traitor weapons overlap but for the most part you may not kos for detective weapons. Section 3: Gameplay 1 Claiming. 1a. You may claim a room in overtime, Its requirements are 1 closable entrance/exit and be reasonable don't claim the entire map. (Some maps have 0 claimable areas) 1b. When claiming you must clearly state where you are in TEXT chat. Followed by claimed. 1c. Killing. If someone ignores your claim you must warn them to leave. If they do not leave or make an attempt to come closer to you, you can rightfully kill them. You must give them ample time to leave. 2. Never kill a detective as an innocent.(Unless they are mass rdming) This will heavily damage your karma and be considered a purp RDM 3.Association. If someone is working with the traitor. 3a. They are afk and have many unidentified bodies around them. This indicates the traitor killed the other afk but not him. 3b. There is a kos on someone and they don't shoot the person who is kos. 3c. There is a traitor who is kos that won't kill another person. 4.Ghosting. Ghosting is giving information to a living player as a dead player, (permanent ban if caught) 5. Metagaming Not playing the game the way it is meant to be played in order to complete an alternate objective. (1 day ban 1st, 5 day ban 2nd, 2 week ban 3rd) 6. Bounty helping. Helping someone with a bounty (1 day 1st, 3 day 2nd, 5 day 3rd) 7.Exploiting Map. invisible textures or you are outside of the map. (warn/move 1st, kick/move 2nd, 1 hour ban 3rd) Section 4: Chat/Profile 1 Hateful conduct. As to quote from the rule punishments Hateful Conduct consists of the following (but not limited to): - Ni**er, fa**ot, beaner ect. - Any "inside joke" that may or may not be taken offensively. - Any attempt to put another person down. - Anything else a staff member might consider hateful conduct. - Any of the above done towards a player on any other service/platform. (! week ban 1st, 1 Month ban 2nd, Permanent ban with 3 month appeal wait 3rd) 2 Spamming You know what spamming is.../ Screaming into your mic (Warning 1st, Mute/gag 2nd, 1 hr ban 3rd.) 3.Inappropriate/unreadable name. Having it so that your name can't be pronounced in callouts/KOSes (Warn 1st, kick 2nd, 1 hour ban) 4.Inappropriate profile picture, Explicit pictures or personal information. (Same as 3) Section 5: Inventory/Items 1. Item farming. Setting up a macro to have you not get afked. (1st afk, 2nd afk, 3rd Kick) 2.Minigame Item Farming. Getting people to let you win for items. (Warn 1st, Slay mid game 2nd, 5 day ban 3rd) 3. Exploiting gambling. Figuring out a way to always win or to choose outcome. (Inventory wipe) 4.Scamming. Intentionally giving victim false information about an item for personal gain. (Trade back 1st, trade back + 2 week trade ban 2nd, Trade back + 1 month trade ban) 5. Exploiting item/inventory. Glitching something to a state it should not be in like duplicating. 6. Using angry shoe to negate fall damage is considered exploiting. Notes: This is still a WIP If you have any rules i missed please tell me!!! This does not cover things that will obviously get you banned (Cheating, ddosing etc.) Just because no staff are on does NOT mean there are no rules! People record and report all the time. No staff still rules! Have fun playing TTT!! If you have any issues please contact any of moat.gg’s many staff: Head Admin: The Suess Zero Senior Administrator d1 King Leo MAGES. Jam Tango(SCRUB) Administrator: Agent A Avengerian Cannabis Corpse Crossboy IcyMonarch Killer Queen mehni Mike Moderator: _TRIGGERED 12 centipedes A Really Bad Dragon Abstract Acore Al Rappy Atomic Machinegun BearLIVE biodestroyer3 Black Jesus BunnyGeneral D3F4ULT Dagger Sable Delta Françoise Appledelhi GeneralOblivious Google Chrome Pony Jaylie JJPieroni Justice Lero LiuJunior Kenny The Panda Maple MeatNTwoVeg Megalodon Mousey Otiose pront0 Ronamdoras Samson Sara SirRussell Squackety StrikerDaKid Tacocat Thatguyuknow Trocyte TrueDarkLord United Airlines Trial Staff: B-Shark frederick fps shade506 HalfHop JJ Musicot mythical_zebra pyriclancaster TheMightestPacman themuffinman VHS Crusader KittyPrincess InsidiousReaper