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  1. New Profile Picture and banner thanks to @Avenge ❤️

  2. I like the profile song. Should I change my profile song to some potato related song?

    1. MisterWhy


      Sure, its really up to you.

  3. Will be at my grandparents for the next 4 days won't be on as much.

  4. nEw PrOfiLe MoOsIc

    1. Irish fir3, firtree

      Irish fir3, firtree

      Yesss my suggestion ^^

  5. You need music ❤️

    1. Psymon703
    2. Irish fir3, firtree

      Irish fir3, firtree

      Workin' on it ❤️

      Want to find a song that represents me not a meme ^^ (aka guitar acoustic shite)

      Make yours' spooky scary skeletons ay

    3. MisterWhy
  6. Remind me not to join a server while viewing your profile and singing along.

  7. 666 Profile Views 😮

    1. Irish fir3, firtree

      Irish fir3, firtree

      1)love the profile song

      2) You're a sk(m)elly boi not a devil desist

    2. Jam


      Liar >:0





    3. MisterWhy
  8. Just sitting here listening to your profile music.

  9. Finally made my 150 Sub special.


  10. Did you know that cashews come from a fruit?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    2. Banned


      tobuscus rape

    3. Danger
    4. Fruity Gecko

      Fruity Gecko

      No cashews have been made out of me 😂 (a Fruity Gecko)