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  1. We have tons of shotguns, what. Lmgs are what lack the most. EDIT: Not sure what there is to disagree with here, when its true. We have what, 2 lmgs? (Mp5g and huge) compared to like 10 shotguns?
  2. It's a fucking gmod server guy. While you are at it, go ahead and drop your SSN and credit card information in the application as well, we definitely need those.
  3. I can't tell if you are joking, but what about those people (like me) who lost multiple planetaries, or guns that are high tier and worth more than most planetaries despite being lower rarity. also so many planetaries have been spawned in lately, don't need to spawn in more. Also this
  4. Bro I'd have like 36 cosmics if you could get one guaranteed once a month. I'd be rich as hell
  5. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but the new weapon sway is really throwing off my aim. There should be an option to toggle it on or off. also revert the new talent names.
  6. No, because that is a 40% chance for extra damage to ANY part of the body. To call it silly compared to the other SPECIFIC boosting damage types is weird. It's fine how it is now.
  7. So then, whats the point of mutators? Also this would be crazy op, -1.
  8. I legit never said it was balanced, but way to assume. I thought the jeez would've been clear enough to show that I agreed with you and that its ridiculous, guess not tho. I don't know how you got me thinking they were balanced from that statement.
  9. They brought those back, AND you can drop them? Jeez
  10. Thanks for the giveaway. you should rig it in my favor. CrustyTheMoist#3763 IGN: CrustyTheMoist
  11. That still doesn't answer two out of the three. WHY do you need ic quickly, and what will you give to the person loaning it to you as collateral so if you run with the money, they won't be down the drain 400k? I have a slight feeling that you have no idea why people aren't just giving you ic willy nilly. The fact you just dodge those questions is really sketchy my guy.
  12. Ok, so thats one out of three things that you are missing, good start.
  13. Just saying you need ic with no indication of what you need it for, how long it will take for you to give it back, and if you are willing to give collateral of more or equal value isn't a good look my man.