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  1. ive never felt this way before

  2. change profile song right now >:C

  3. your banner triggers my dormant epilepsy 

  4. creds to @WettSpaghet for my amazing fucking banner, best shit thats ever been made in history

    1. WettSpaghet


      I'm glad you like it! 😊

  5. Jonathan Joestar dies in Avengers endgame

    1. Killer Queen

      Killer Queen

      Banned for spoilers smh

  6. part 5 best jojo 

    change my mind 

    you cant

  7. New banner, does @Cool Mexican like it? 😉

    1. Cool Mexican

      Cool Mexican


    2. Samuel


      @Christian you like it too? 😉

  8. I got notified of a status update you made but I see no update, wat happen

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    2. Samuel


      oh only status updates can be deleted, epic

    3. buttery neckbeard

      buttery neckbeard

      You can delete your own status updates as well as things posted on your profile. Click Options then Delete.


    4. Samuel


      thats epic thanks


  9. This song puts me in the weirdest mood. 

    1. Bot Slayah ☂

      Bot Slayah ☂


    2. Samuel


      I know what song it is, its just a song that brings memories :')

  10. I'm either taking a little break or never coming back. Peace, and I apologize to those who i have loans out from. I used the money to buy weapons, and I gave them all away. If i dont come back, I will be permanently banned for scamming. I just dont feel welcome anymore. Bye for now

    EDIT: gunna pay the loans first


    DOUBLE EDIT: I might not leave as I am scared of JROTC camp

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    2. Samuel


      i made a update instead of a thread, so it didnt get too much attention but also people knew what happened.

    3. Mr. Bishop
    4. Mr. Bishop

      Mr. Bishop

      you are always welcomed here man