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  1. Got a new Song for my Profile finally, It's 6:25 long.  Kudos to anyone that knows the name of the Song & where it came from!

    1. Kazdra


      Also got a new Banner thanks to @Françoise Appledelhi for telling me that the size of the Images rescale to 1310 x 200

    2. MisterWhy


      I remember it from a game I played or something.

    3. MisterWhy


      HAHA YES I FOUND IT I KNEW IT @Kazdra Red alert online. It's the first part of the soundtrack here: 


  2. Don't know if anyone's going to see this or not but does anyone know the scaling in which the Cover Photo auto scales down to?  I'd like to know the exact dimensions so I can edit images so they don't pixelate because of how bad they turn into.  I would use Vector art to prevent pixelization but the website doesn't support that.


    Also I wanna use a god damn song on my profile but I own no songs (Aside from Amazon on my Phone but not PC)...  So Ouch...

    1. Arctic Freeze

      Arctic Freeze

      Best I can tell you for now for cover photo is to test it over and over on various different resizes of the images, as for music, I just use a converter that converts a youtube URL to MP3 that I download and upload as my song, currently its a little bit of a meme cause of my pfp and stuff but I have just been lazy to change it
      Hope that helps

    2. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      All I could find was this image.png.ddb4f19df7b2669416d5113279788583.png

      What it scales down to         ^                            Actual size   ^