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  1. This song puts me in the weirdest mood. 

    1. Bot Slayah ☂

      Bot Slayah ☂


    2. Samuel


      I know what song it is, its just a song that brings memories :')

  2. i dont have a problem youre lying to me

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    2. symptomS


      I have a problem that you don’t have a problem 

    3. Bot Slayah ☂
    4. Samuel


      do yall just drop acid together or sum

  3. This is actually false, planetary mutators can only be used on planetaries. Trust me, I tried.
  4. I like the profile song!

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    2. Bot Slayah ☂

      Bot Slayah ☂

      the official version of this song with the feature has a whopping 6k views on YT, this is some underground shit homie

    3. Samuel


      thats scarily underground, im guessing you can get me to the dark web? :KappaHD:

    4. Bot Slayah ☂

      Bot Slayah ☂



      just need your social, birthday, and credit card info my guy



  5. new profile song is bumpin

  6. I miss playing games like ratchet & clank, sly cooper, jak & daxter, etc. on the ps2 man. those were the days when i didnt have to adult or care about anything at all and I could just have fun

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    2. Cannabis Corpse

      Cannabis Corpse

      I played boner town as a kid 

    3. Randy805™


      Crash Bandicoot and Spyro were the classics I played, I never played those other games.

    4. Banned


      Original Xbox>PS2

  7. f

    1. Samuel


      why did he get banned lmao

    2. Banned


      @Samuel pretty sure the same reason as seuss. the yikes on that thread probably

    3. Jam
  8. Quitting nicotine cold turkey to prove that everyone who says they cant quit just has no self control

    ez katka

    1. Cannabis Corpse

      Cannabis Corpse


  9. do i quit nicotine or do i just roll with it

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    2. Field Marshal Kincaid
    3. Samuel


      Get off it. You'll feel so much healthier 

    4. symptomS


      quit smoke and eat more ass


  10. Coldhart x Lil Peep - Down For You

  11. if anyone has a problem with me feel free to hmu on discord and lets talk it out

  12. @Malk Send more toe pictures or im going to eat your ass my guy 

  13. Waking up everyday in 80 degrees sweating, this shit is scuffed as fuck

    -rep Florida