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  1. New profile song because why not

  2. Bot...He was killing an afk t, before walking up to kill me 


    1. Bot Slayah ☘

      Bot Slayah ☘

      He may have, but based off the evidence you provided there was no way to tell any of that. We aren't allowed to just take your word for it, and based off the logs there was no way to tell that it wasn't a rightful kill.

    2. Fizzy Kaminski

      Fizzy Kaminski

      After 2mins, it becomes overtime and he killed that afk before me. Why not @ him to come and tell you his reason for association 


    3. Bot Slayah ☘

      Bot Slayah ☘

      If the evidence is insufficient it is not required to contact the offender. I was very busy handling a lot of player complaints at the same time, and if your evidence is insufficient (your statement claimed he killed you off association, and the logs provided back up an association kill) it is not my responsibility to go out of my way to contact said player.  You also didn't provide any witnesses that could back up your statement. Like I said, there was no way to tell if that player was AFK. Also, the logs show that it was not overtime, but the report you made was only for the RDM on you, not him RDMing an AFK before overtime and killing you afterwards. In the future please try to be more in-depth in the "what happened" part, and list any witnesses if possible.

  3. 🤔 Bot Slayah I dont think you read the report i did correctly. can you pm me on discord or stuff? (1 of the reasons ''Off location'' doesnt sit well. given nothing was stated/given that he killed off location or stuff)

    1. Bot Slayah ☘

      Bot Slayah ☘

      I was given a statement from the reported player and made a conclusion based off given evidence and both of your statements. 

    2. H11DN-D4NG3R
  4. PC is here and all setup 🙂

    1. symptomS


      adjlsfik;jkl; asdf camsdfjl;kcaelw ;fijmkacel FMS;JK EWX,AFJIO.JOPX

    2. Jam


      Let's do our daily 5 EC ❤️

    3. ekksdee


      Finally, now I can play JBMod with you.

  5. Well, my pc is officially shipped halfway across the country. See you guys tue/wed if nothing breaks during shipping 😊

    1. ekksdee


      See you soon man.

    2. Jam



  6. slayer concert on friday 🙂

    1. Cannabis Corpse

      Cannabis Corpse

      is this their FINAL final tour


    2. Bot Slayah ☘
  7. what ever will make them happy idc if its gay if i can make  a day so throw on that old town road kranck that shiot and and rock


  8. This song puts me in the weirdest mood. 

    1. Bot Slayah ☘

      Bot Slayah ☘


    2. Samuel


      I know what song it is, its just a song that brings memories :')

  9. i dont have a problem youre lying to me

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    2. symptomS


      I have a problem that you don’t have a problem 

    3. Bot Slayah ☘
    4. Samuel


      do yall just drop acid together or sum

  10. This is actually false, planetary mutators can only be used on planetaries. Trust me, I tried.
  11. I like the profile song!

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    2. Bot Slayah ☘

      Bot Slayah ☘

      the official version of this song with the feature has a whopping 6k views on YT, this is some underground shit homie

    3. Samuel


      thats scarily underground, im guessing you can get me to the dark web? :KappaHD:

    4. Bot Slayah ☘

      Bot Slayah ☘



      just need your social, birthday, and credit card info my guy



  12. new profile song is bumpin

  13. I miss playing games like ratchet & clank, sly cooper, jak & daxter, etc. on the ps2 man. those were the days when i didnt have to adult or care about anything at all and I could just have fun

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    2. Cannabis Corpse

      Cannabis Corpse

      I played boner town as a kid 

    3. Randy805™


      Crash Bandicoot and Spyro were the classics I played, I never played those other games.

    4. Banned


      Original Xbox>PS2

  14. f

    1. Samuel


      why did he get banned lmao

    2. Banned


      @Samuel pretty sure the same reason as seuss. the yikes on that thread probably

    3. Jam