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  1. Extincts are technically more rare because you can only get them from event crates such as Halloween and Easter and Independence Day. You cannot drop them otherwise. You may technically get more extincts from events but you can only get them from events.
  2. Likely high level that never tests unless they rdm an rdm'er
  3. I have gotten tired of seeing people just post straight up imgur links in trading advertisements and such forcing everyone to click on 30 different links to find all the pictures. So here is a little guide on the seven simple steps to imbedding an image (particularly from imgur). 1. Click "Browse" to open the file viewer 2. Upload selected picture(s) 3. Copy the sharing link 4. Click "Insert other media" 5. Click "insert image from URL" 6. Paste sharing link and append '.jpg' to the end. Click Insert. (Moat forums requires a url with a file extension to imbed it, Imgur makes this quite simple) 7. Enjoy your embedded images And for all the lazy people, a short video. Another option once the sharing link has been obtained is to enclose it in the bbcode image tags [.img][./img] (without periods) with .jpg at the end as such
  4. Both because there are 2 different m4a1’s, there are also 2 different m1911’s. If you want stats just look at the base damage of your gun and conpare
  5. I spend way to much ic on crates to get 3 highends from 150+ each time

  6. Based on only a couple tests credit hoarder round normally instead of up. Should look into this. Also detectives with credit hoarder get the same number of credits as traitors with the same credit hoarder even though they normally start with one less.