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  1. dude how can i give my gift to the secret santa bot? I said how can i give my gift to the Jam but she is not answering my questions

    1. CannibalNaziSpider


      You have to wait until its ingame @YASTIK, It will have the Community lead role, so you know its legit. You trade your item to that account. Easiest way to tell the account is online is add it as a friend.

    2. Jam


      Probably cause Jam is sleeping. You should probably be patient instead of spamming her.

    3. YASTIK


      sorry Jam. And thanks CannibalNaziSpider

  2. i need to talk with you


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    2. YASTIK
    3. Deep Fried Potato

      Deep Fried Potato

      Ok first of all, I never told you that your mohtanica was worth that much, I just offered that. You didn't have to accept, I didn't trick you in any way. Thats not scamming. Also, we should talk on discord.

    4. YASTIK


      Bro dont worry i reported you for scamming