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  1. Your In-Game Name: Czar Your Steam ID: 76561198079422947 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #2 Staff Member that Banned You: Blabliblu Ban Reason: It does not state why (I have picture to prove this) Ban Length: 1 week (7days) Did you break any rules?: No What Happened: Well we did the map (Sorry forgot the exact name) where there is a house and there's a main room with a chandelier on the ceiling. There are stairs that lead to a 2nd floor but you can still see the 2nd floor in the 1st floor. Right next to the top of the stairs there are more stairs that go up and 90 degrees right to the attic. In this spot Ts like to hide and shoot because it is easy to run away undetected. So to make it short and simple a T was hiding in this spot shot an innocent and killed him under 1 second for sure. The T I assume ran away, but I the innocent who was next to the innocent (Not past the stairs on the second floor, but still pretty close in relative terms.) shot a guy who I thought shot the poor dead innocent. I thought this under like two seconds, for two reasons. First as soon as I thought he was shooting the poor dead inno he ran and didn't go for the T and didnt check the body and went to a door across me where the people in the main room could not see through. I realised this guy wasn't a traitor right after I killed him because he was innocent but only after I killed him. I apologised in the chat after i died but got a report. UNDER 20 seconds the round was over (probaby 30 seconds for the entire round, it was pretty damn short). It is utterly ridiculous that I could get a ban from this, I made a mistake I thought he was an traitor and he was an innocent. So what! people make mistakes, if an admins gets reckless to the extend where they are too harsh with the rules or just ban people on a knee jerk reaction then what will people do? Listen I do not do RDM and i think people should be pleasant in public, I didn't do anything as far as that goes, in fact I didn't even use a mic this session of Moatgaming. Nor did I type anything questionable, in fact I didn't really type in chat at all. (Although I reported to someone who was a T (I was a T too) that killed me, "A T killing a T is GAY".) (I didn't care about the report nor did the admin who banned me or the T, which apologised in chat and I forgave in chat because it was AN ACCIDENT OMG) Anyways the main point is this ban is ridiculous. Hopefully it gets overturned although I highly doubt it. It seems to me that players no matter if you obey or disobey the rules are INCENTIVISED to go on servers where there are no admins for the sake of not getting banned or reported. I feel as of now, that this is very true of me. One last thing if you see my record from my first and second ban. Heres my first comment. The first Ban was an angry pissed off untolerable admin who said VERY bad things to me, and the 2nd ban was a revenge RDM on my part bc a guy killed me for like 4 rounds straight then I killed him and then I got banned. I don't blame the admin who banned me for the 2nd one because he banned me after I left so it was RDM then leave, some other admin told me just to live with the ban as at the time I wanted to play again it was like a few hours left until the ban was gone. Thank you for the person reading this ban appeal. I probably made it way too long and made a highly disorganized paragraph so sorry about that. Thanks -Czar (Now called Byza) Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: No Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes