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  1. Tolerance is the dead end.  :8bitDante:
    Ps:If you now accept it at face value - it's your problem. You have absolutely no sense of humor. You only hide behind fictional rules to avoid unpleasant topics for you.

  2. So we're all toxic?When we use bonuses.When we shoot someone.When we jump from box to box.When we play well,destroying the enemy.When we shoot accurately at someone or something.When we move the mouse to aim at the enemy.We're toxic when we blink.We're toxic when we say something that's out of scope or that another person can't take.We're toxic when we have an opinion.We're toxic when we breathe.We're toxic when we live.
    I understand that you are not toxic in two cases: when you say what a crowd of tolerant "people"( liberals, huh) want to hear from you, or when you are dead...
    ps:This is not my screenshot.Don't worry,I don't bypass your ban.



    1. Zach.


      yes basically, just do nothing. /shrug



  3. new shlong solng sloung soung


    Thanks to everyone who played with me and talked. It was fun. Good luck to you!