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  1. Selling all of these, add me on steam, username is DubBatman, or msg me on the discord or on the forums if you want to make a deal
  2. My resolution is less computer, trying to get out more and be more active with friends and such
  3. I might buy an acended and are you selling exp thing
  4. DubBatman

    Exp Lover

    Buying a 70% plus exp lover comment if you are interested in trading willing to pay a good bit
  5. In a ttt match on the minecraft map with the lighthouse he drops 3 innos into the lava in the tester even though it said inoocent STEAM_0:0:19978081
  6. Looking to but bonds double best friends for around 50000-60000 ic so comment if you want to trade. Glock has 13.9 damage, 721 rpm, 24 mag size and, Accurate, SUstained, And tesla