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    no one said I was wrong, I just took a ban a week there I found it because I had killed the innocents being a detective but I thought that doing life check or kos was allowed, adm gave me ban so gave me the ban by mass rdm for a week the next day i took a ban permanently

    1. Dillon


      Fam can you not message her instead, no one wants to see this on their feed my guy 


    sorry for putting this on your profile, but I do not know how to talk to the d1, so even if I redeemed myself I would get a second chance to prove that I'm sorry for the act I did?

    1. Jam


      You can PM people.

      learn to Pm

    2. .Euz moat.gg

      .Euz moat.gg

      sorry, what is Pm?