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  1. I'm so sorry! I mixed your name with jam for some dumb as reason

    1. Jassa


      Id take the head administrator position any time if it ment getting few complaints

  2. Excuse me, but why aren't you even giving him a chance to say he forgive me? Why are you automatically denying it? 


  3. Bot...He was killing an afk t, before walking up to kill me 


    1. Banned

      Bot Slayah ☘

      He may have, but based off the evidence you provided there was no way to tell any of that. We aren't allowed to just take your word for it, and based off the logs there was no way to tell that it wasn't a rightful kill.

    2. Fizzy Kaminski

      Fizzy Kaminski

      After 2mins, it becomes overtime and he killed that afk before me. Why not @ him to come and tell you his reason for association 


    3. Banned

      Bot Slayah ☘

      If the evidence is insufficient it is not required to contact the offender. I was very busy handling a lot of player complaints at the same time, and if your evidence is insufficient (your statement claimed he killed you off association, and the logs provided back up an association kill) it is not my responsibility to go out of my way to contact said player.  You also didn't provide any witnesses that could back up your statement. Like I said, there was no way to tell if that player was AFK. Also, the logs show that it was not overtime, but the report you made was only for the RDM on you, not him RDMing an AFK before overtime and killing you afterwards. In the future please try to be more in-depth in the "what happened" part, and list any witnesses if possible.