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  1. Good oldie tune yknow? 







    1. fire.


      Also, fir3 is a fake, trust.

  2. I missed the post before it got closed and I can't ignore it so

    @Rmblove22 Can't believe you're going, you've always been a cool dude from PC'ing to trade disagreements, to apparently you trying to buy up my guns 😉

    Honestly, you're a proper one, a great person, and this community is going to miss you. I just hope I'm not to late to say bye, I love ya  ❤️ 

    where ya going?

    1. Rmblove22


      Its never too late goodbye fyre 🙂


  3. I dont know what to say.

    I'm bloody sorry aight? Why cant you see that...

    Like what can I say 

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    2. seuss
    3. uhhhhhhhhhh


      what can I say except you're welcome

    4. Amatsu


      Honestly part of me wonders why fyre isn't forum banned if there is absolutely no chance of appeal ever. Why drive false hope of rejoining the community?

  4. I'm in full nervous mode tbh

    [Smh when that @MisterWhy didnt work] I need some good music suggestions ples

  5. Spoopy sshcawy schelotonsh uwu

  6. Uhhh since when was George not an OP lead? Losing the tea drinkers on the staff team lads cmon 


    fr tho how did I miss this? Or just a joke?

    1. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      Yeah no he gone LUL

  7. I should do a giveaway at 1k!



    I am very funny yes

    1. fire.


      Also, @MisterWhy apply for admin! You're good 'nuff for it and you got plenty of compliments 😉 

      (Fr tho you'd be a great admin, dew it) 

    2. MisterWhy
    3. fire.
  8. Ima go out on a limb and say if you dont remember this banger you must be 5. 

    Idk I just remember always hearing this song on the radio ♡

    1. MisterWhy


      I don't live in UK owo

    2. fire.


      Should do 😉

  9. Not again bois 

    not again.PNG

  10. "The file must be smaller than 0.04mb" 
    Guess I'm stuck with default ass shite for my profile pic  :c

  11. So uh....


    How's it goin? 

  12. We must construct additional funny reacts. @banana_boi change your react to funny 💔


  13. Ima be real cringe and obvious here, I want to be unbanned baddd, otherwise I have to be dakammandah's brother in bans... 
    Please don't make me be submitted to that.

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    2. Jam


      You don't have to talk about your ban everywhere, you know

    3. Reznov
    4. fire.


      Agree taunt  (Jam please can I buy that sauce for my wraps)

  14. So Da'Kammandah is probably banned, to be honest, I found him a fair asshole. I know he won't read this so is fine. 

    Now, to discuss the real thing, banning George and Jam...

  15. Swiggity swoogity I have a banned booty uwu

    1. fire.


      Thank you for the agree, I just needed it confirmed in my mind