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    Misterwhy, Phantom, Bush gremlin, nia and long shlong best cuties 😏
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    Song Is now Adam Jensen - The Kid. He's a banger of an artist I'd recommend.

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  1.  @camouflage Unban me and I'll be the best admin you ever did see, swear my g


  2. :462_headphones:

    New :PogChamp: Tunes :PogChamp:

    Adam Jensen Is seriously a legend. 

    1. Banned


      good shit but I prefer "the mystic". "the hunter", or "street fight"

    2. fire.


      Street fight is real nice, yeah. The Mystic was the first one I listened to soooo you picked good ones huh ^^. 

      If I was gonna add 2 more songs that I'd prefer, probably bad luck or Sandcastles. ❤️ 

  3. Wowzer

    1. fire.


      Wowzer Dowzerz!

      Gee wiz I sure do ❤️ you

      Never change 😉

  4. e

    How y'all been? How's the moat --epic-- gaming  going? 

    Moat Discord that I  "co-own" with misterwhy: https://discord.gg/wBQFRC 

    It's pretty dank, we even got pyric. If I like you, you'll become a special peep ^-^ 

    Thas all for this month, I hope to see y'all around ♡

  5. These idiots below me ♡

    I trust in my bb

    And I dont just say that you're guilty or that your dakammandah, just to look good. 

    Because this boy is neato.

    1. Banned


      Agreed, he’s done so much for the community and is overall an amazing person. It’s sad to see all of those ratings made by trolls, their loss I guess...

  6. That's a banging tune, what's it called? Damn.

    1. Jam



    2. fire.


      One more for the playlist!

      Thanks Jam ♡ 

  7. New profile song woo 😏

    Found it on spotify last night because I dont have premium, idk if I like it yet but I said I'd put in a new song sooooo 

    ^^ ♡

    And yeah, I cant believe either that I still go on these forums 😉

  8. Did I say you could come here? 


    Fine, heres a dog from a few days back, hes tired.


    1. Humancowcakes


      looks high as fuck

  9. I fucked up and missed my 200th post, but...

    Woooo 202nd post lads 😄

    Now I do have something I wanted to say for it, kind of

    I'm grateful for the people I met here, you honestly were kind of a safe haven when I went through that emo phase that everyone goes through, I can recap multiple times where I felt shit, came on, and left smiling. 

    Thats what I'm grateful for, and recently as I have somewhat left that emo phase, I wanted to say also (if you'll accept it as not trying to curry favour) sorry for causing drama. Just in general, when I was banned from the discord I was toxic to you about your banning reason @crossboy, but I can now see I was dumb. I dont need to play to feel good anymore, I was scared I wouldnt be able to (which is partly the reason I was always so dramatic) but I managed, and now I dont mind that I'm banned.  *Well awarethat most of you will think this is dumb but I wanted to put it somewhere, main thing is that I'm grateful. 

    If you wanna spread some dumb memes with me in a discord, join eaglecorns discord. I can be nice to you there. 

    Also, when I was first banned for that attempted rdm thing @MisterWhywas such a godamned unit. I posted that "@ staff I rdmed 2 ban me" and next thing I know I get a dm from a random staff member "What the hell did you do that for". It was like he was disappointed in me, like he expected better of me. And that really raised my self esteem tons.I broke down when the ban was updated and spilled to him and since then, we've been best of friends. I also happen to know that me and him had to help one of our friends who felt really bad and I just feel this guy needs a shoutout for how much he cares about the people themselves, hang onto this man.

    I love ya all, thanks for taking me in this October. Long story needs a long closure 😉


    1. fire.


      Read first 7 lines if you dont want my over talking 😉

    2. MisterWhy


      Goes great with your profile song :).

      Also thanks for everything you said about me. Idc if you're banned you're still a chill dude in my eyes.

      It only gets better from here.

    3. fire.


      Honestly I'd completely forgotten about the profile song Haha, I'm going to change it sometime to represent the end of that emo phase. Probs a specific neffex song (in general  a badish artist but cherrypickimg will work 😉)

      Theres so much more that could be said about this community but honestly it is 3am and it would like a potato wrote it  😉 . Maybe when  I update my profile song I'll add the people I missed (I wont go into specifics of each person but there are certainly personalised groups to be all lovely dovey about 😛

  10. Footsie's aka the best community lead ever aka sexy boi

    Thanks @Mr.Goose3 for finding this old screenshot that someone must've taken ♡



    side note: does that mean Leo got dominated by footsie here? Hm.

    1. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      You're like the class clown who has to sit in the hallway and can't come in the classroom, that is if you didn't try so hard.

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    2. fire.



      If you say so ♡

  11. So fellow moataters

    How's it going?

    yes this was the best I could do sh 

  12. Good oldie tune yknow? 







    1. fire.


      Also, fir3 is a fake, trust.

  13. I missed the post before it got closed and I can't ignore it so

    @Rmblove22 Can't believe you're going, you've always been a cool dude from PC'ing to trade disagreements, to apparently you trying to buy up my guns 😉

    Honestly, you're a proper one, a great person, and this community is going to miss you. I just hope I'm not to late to say bye, I love ya  ❤️ 

    where ya going?

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    1. Banned


      Its never too late goodbye fyre 🙂


  14. I dont know what to say.

    I'm bloody sorry aight? Why cant you see that...

    Like what can I say 

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    2. Banned


      what can I say except you're welcome

    3. Amatsu


      Honestly part of me wonders why fyre isn't forum banned if there is absolutely no chance of appeal ever. Why drive false hope of rejoining the community?