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    Song Is now Adam Jensen - The Kid. He's a banger of an artist I'd recommend.

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  1. I dont know what to say.

    I'm bloody sorry aight? Why cant you see that...

    Like what can I say 

    1. Samuel


      just keep trying bro, there isn't anything else you can do. I learned that consistency is key in situations like that

    2. The Suess

      The Suess

      You got banned for Mass RDM on 11-25-2018

      Admitted that you out of game traded sometime between then and your unban on 12-5-2018


      Unbanned exclusively because you left the "OOGT" portion of your ban out of your ban reason and the staff that handled it didn't check the ban reason themselves (after being asked about this they confirmed that you wouldn't have been unbanned if they were aware of this)

      Some time later you make a trial staff app which is denied due to feedback from the community (which means the community didn't agree with you being a reputable person) and due to your state of "not even supposed to be unbanned"

      After I handled your staff app I informed you that any further ban would be adjusted to permanent without chance of appeal.image.png.515140b2aef9115171a628991e77c37a.png 


      Ghosting falls under "rightful staff issued ban"

      Causing the harassment of a staff member because you were throwing a tantrum falls under "rightful staff issued ban"


      no amount of saying you've "changed" will prove anything past the fact that your word doesn't mean anything.

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