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That ain't it, chief

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  1. +rep

    is the most fuckin epic staff


  2. ah, so basically its impossible for me to be unbanned from discord?

    just wanna know so i can stop wasting time with the unban requests 


  3. did you resign from headmin?

    *I'd ask in pm's, but i don't know how to pm*

    1. Jam


      About to put up a post actually 😛 

    2. That ain't it, chief
  4. so uh, out of interest, who is the mod that banned me from discord? just wanna know so next week i can make an unban request with all the necessary info

    disc name is wildan#8535

    1. Humancowcakes


      me but I'm banned now too so goodluck

    2. That ain't it, chief

      That ain't it, chief

      ohh ok thx humancowcakes

  5. nice cat pfp

  6. no takataka and pearl doesn't do shit besides whining

    1. BananaBoi


      please ban the person who have a bind that calls other people slut :KappaHD:

  7. ah, that makes sense

    thanks for the response

  8. E

    1. {KLZ}bobnot



    2. That ain't it, chief

      That ain't it, chief

      are u having a sEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEizure

  9. that moment when you realize that your unban request is handled by jam:

    o o f

    btw how do you add music to ur profile

    1. Jam


      There should be an option where your cover photo is. Right top corner of the cover photo. 

    2. That ain't it, chief
  10. how do u become credible club, and what does it do? also nice profile

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    2. Jam


      suck me pp 

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    3. That ain't it, chief

      That ain't it, chief

      i aint gay but 20 ic is 20 ic

    4. Sludge


      @mae so how did you get it then? 🤭

  11. are u addicted to the forums, owo

    1. Jam


      I’m addicted to cocaine 

  12. aw ur pet cat is so cute

    1. Jam


      His name is Pogchamp 😺

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  13. do u live on the forums or something? lol

    1. Banned



    2. That ain't it, chief
    3. Jam


      Move out >:(