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  1. If you get banned, appeal it rather than trying to evade it as it changes the ban length to permanent. Denied
  2. Please DM me on Discord, JPH#8416. When you do, please comment your Discord ID here so I can verify it's you. -JPH
  3. You did asked to be banned... Hateful Conduct is gone now, but please make sure you follow the current rules. Unbanned
  4. I think there may have been some contradicting behaviour from staff here. Unbanned
  5. You knowingly broke the rules, you will knowingly face the consequences. Denied
  6. There is no reason that an innocent should be placing and arming a C4. Denied
  7. This is the map, it's rather high up... You threw a discombobulator into a group of people... Denied
  8. please obey forum rules. wtf does that mean. no hc so why did you warn me 😠

  9. Neuro has shown repeated targeted negative behaviour to players beyond the normal boundaries of harassment. While Neuro has been banned since, he shall remain banned for a minimum of 7 Days. We would like make a point that this behaviour is not something that we want in this community.
  10. As seen in the video, he does not pull out a knife at all, you just shot him when he came close. Denied