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    your wall is mine now, also 500th post 🥕 🐡

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    2. AUTOFAGG BlyatMan

      AUTOFAGG BlyatMan

      Hey lmk, when we can talk my discord, is BlackAndWhite#3066 It has to do w/ scamming but he's already been banned. I just wanna know if i can get the ic for the item... It was my first cosmic and he said he'd buy it for 200k but pay me on Sunday (Last Sunday)


    3. Dillon


      uhhh you dont get compensation for that kinda stuff usually not gonna lie

    4. AUTOFAGG BlyatMan

      AUTOFAGG BlyatMan

      Dillon so what do i do? I just lost my one and only cosmic and fuck i only have 1 highend atm???


  2. welcome back to the staff team!! ❤️