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  1.     Motato, I would like to personally thank you for all the good times your servers brought me. I played countless  hours on Moat.gg TTT and I can personally say that I enjoyed every minute of it. Although I can never play on Moat.gg again, I am very thankful for all the time I spent on it. 
        I hope the best for Moat.gg in the future! 😄

  2. I'm sorry for the Unban report thing, for some reason I thought 3+ meant more than three.

  3. image.thumb.png.4a3792bdd0d602d706badc09c4c805ea.pngBerenstien Bears...

  4. Could you not have ear-rape as your profile music? Kthx.

    1. Tom Gervais

      Tom Gervais

      Ye!Change it to normal music!For example:


  5. Heya! Can you please elaborate on your decision to uphold my ban? No hate, I just wanna know why. 👌

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    2. Oofbekistan


      @Erion What were you referring to?


    3. Banned


      The unban request process is to ensure the bans were rightful. We dont really do ban reductions unless its because part of the ban wasnt rightful. Thats more than likely what erion was referring to

    4. Oofbekistan